15 Fail Promotions For Mother’s Day That Made Moms Feel Not-so Special

Mother’s Day is that day when Moms all around the world are made to feel special and loved. You can either give your moms flowers and cards or treat them in a spa house for relaxation or have dinner in a fancy restaurant. The options are limitless and this is why store owners have different promos during Mother’s Day that will entice husbands and kids to check out their offers.

Mother’s day is over and we’ve seen a lot of glitz and glam for Moms. But, what these Mother’s Day promotions say is the complete opposite of making a mother special. Here are some examples of what you should be avoiding when picking out the perfect gift for your mom for next year.

1. A-R-S-E pendant

There are 26 letters to choose from the English alphabet and they chose these four letters. They need to rethink their marketing strategy, if I were they. It’s a gift with character indeed.


Photo courtesy of Ad Week

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