3 recipes to get perfect puddings

3 recipes to get perfect puddings

It is best to eat a good pudding, but doing it is not so easy, the pudding is a great dessert, which can be of different flavors, it’s a dessert that loves youth and adult people. There are several recipes for this dessert, from traditional recipes to modern recipes.

The pudding can be sweet or savory, depending on your taste you can choose either. When they are sweet the chocolate is the most common, as are the salty savory bread is the most common.

Sweet pudding is used as a dessert that is served at the end of the meal, when salt is served as an accompaniment to meals, instead of serving bread.

This rich food is of English origin, the approximate date of creation was between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it is meaning is a dumpling in water, because this happened to all that water boiled pudding called him.

Early in their preparation Englishmen wrapped flour in a cloth and placed it in hot water, always served hot, then it is not placed in a cloth if not molds, but these first puddings were salty, because for that time sugar was very expensive.

Then, lower the cost of producing sugar and sugar beet prices Ingredient low, then people began to make sweet puddings. And so it began to prepare pudding in Europe, in Germany it was called mouse starch.
Currently, the pudding is known as a sweet dish, prepared with flour, eggs, sugar and mixed with other flavors, warm places but after leaving the mold to the refrigerator to eat it cold, you placed over a sauce or a sweet fruit syrup to combine.

It should be creamy and really everyone likes. This dessert was so popular they sell industrialized and now ready to prepare powder with milk or water and refrigerate. In the refrigerator is placed pudding served tough and easily.

Many people find it easier to buy the pudding powder, but you can not like cooked pudding, the truth is that it has more work but the end flavor is incomparable. Do it yourself with these recipes

First Pudding Recipe: Homemade Pudding

For homemade pudding is needed 1/2 liter of milk, the rind of a lemon, some cinnamon, 125 grams of bread from the day before, and no food, 150 grams of sugar and 4 eggs saves. To make the caramel 150 milliliters of water is needed with 250 grams of sugar and a little lemon. First you must preheat the oven to 160 ° C and begins to prepare a caramel with sugar in a pot, it is suggested to place on low heat with a few drops of lemon, you should cook until it turns golden brown. That candy is placed in the mold.

Then in another pot, placed to heat milk over medium heat, placed with lemon peel, cinnamon and simmer for five minutes.

Next, cut bread and mixed with eggs and sugar. When milk mixture is cool in bread until bread gets soft, then brought to the mixer until creamy and then placed in a mold with the caramel. Is introduced in the oven at 160 ° C for fifty minutes.

Homemade pudding is delicious is all love, because its flavor is unique, be sure to prepare it is an excellent choice for dessert and surprise your guests. After a meal is good a good dessert and nothing like a pudding.

Second Recipe Pudding: Pudding with fruit syrup

The ingredients for this rich pudding are: 400g of whole milk, 5 eggs, 100 grams of fruit in syrup, 100 grams of fruit juice syrup, 5 tablespoons sugar, bread, lemon peel, caramel.

To prepare this rich pudding first catches fire in a pan of milk, fruit juice, cinnamon and lemon peel. In a pan place the bread slices with fruits, is placed over the hot milk to the smooth bread, beaten with the eggs and sugar, the mixture is shaken, it is placed in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 30 minutes, allowed to cool and placed in the refrigerator.

Third Pudding Recipe: Chocolate Pudding

The chocolate pudding is a dessert that is creamy, like a cake but softer, served cold and there are several ways to prepare it, but the best way is cooking it in the oven.

This pudding is the most sought after in the United States of America, also in England. The ingredients to prepare are: 20 grams of flour, 110 grams of sugar, 475 grams of milk, 110 grams of chocolate with vanilla flavoring.

For making it all the ingredients are first mixed, take average temperature for 15 minutes, until placed creamy, is poured into a container and allowed to cool. It is then taken to the refrigerator and served cold, it can be served with cream, cookies fruit, coffee, which you like best.


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