7 Fattest Warcraft Players (These Should’ve Been in the Biggest Loser!)

You’ve heard it here, folks — World of Warcraft is a game that will simply transform even the most good looking individual into a poor excuse of obesity, especially with its addictive nature.  You will barely have any time for real socialization, and your friends will simply consist of the fellow players you have been hanging around with in chat rooms and the like.  It’s a sad scenario, but such scenarios make for a really embarrassing time with many gamers who know how to balance their time.  Simply put, these fatties give gamers a bad rep, and it is pretty easy to see why.

It all starts with a simple subscription, and eventually joining in an online world where you get to role play and create the destiny of your video game avatar with upgrades on spells, abilities and the like.  However, there comes a point when things get too much.  We are all for fun and games in here, but there has got to be some intervention of sorts that needs to happen ASAP.  For crying out, these people should be entered in the next biggest weight loss competition in their respective areas and be cut off completely from any kind of online gaming, just so they know what is good for them.


Photo courtesy of Youtube

This lady right here.

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