All the traditional thanksgiving food you must try

Celebrate Thanksgiving seems to be synonymous with eating Turkey accompanied by family and friends. So important is this dish during the celebration of Thanksgiving, that many people already talk about Turkey Day instead of Thanksgiving. But this is not the only Thanksgiving food that you must try that day.

All the traditional thanksgiving food you must try Thanksgiving food
It is true that the Turkey at Thanksgiving dinner has a special importance, as it continues to be the first meal taken by the pilgrims when they arrived in America. But to that it is added that Turkey it is a dish so elaborate that requires so much preparation and time in the kitchen, that most of the cooks prepare it only that day because it is a special one.

But seen that Turkey is what takes the leading role as Thanksgiving food, why we do not try to remember all those other foods that you should try at Thanksgiving?

There are different accompaniments for the Turkey

Even in the case that we want that Turkey remains as the undisputed protagonist of our Thanksgiving dinner, this must have some accompaniment that will help Turkey to taste better and more juicy. Because we must not forget that Turkey, especially if we are not used to Cook it, is a type of a very dry meat that requires an accompaniment that makes it easier to eat.

Cranberry sauce is one of these accompaniments par excellence. Highlights especially the sauces of blueberries are sweeter, so contrasting with the more salty taste of the meat of the Turkey. This way, if you wet a piece of Turkey in the Blueberry sauce it is a delicious combination of flavours.

Cranberry sauce is one of the favourites on Thanksgiving Day

But if we do not like to mix the sweet with the salty, the mashed potatoes it is another perfect accompaniment. This dish is especially indicated if there are young children celebrating with you Thanksgiving and having Thanksgiving food, because they love the mashed potatoes, even if it has lumps.

The only thing that you should keep in mind with this accompaniment, is to know how to choose the right potatoes, the red ones, as there is some kind of potatoes that do not have any taste, so they will do nothing more than cover the taste of Turkey.

Maybe a more healthful accompaniment

But along with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, which are the most common Thanksgiving food, it would not be such a bad idea to opt for a more healthy accompaniment. Thus, it is increasingly more commonly to found at meals of Thanksgiving dishes with accompanying vegetables, such as green beans.

Other vegetables that often accompany Thanksgiving Turkey are those of the season. Such is the case with pumpkin and sweet potatoes. The sweet potato is a dish that usually loves the children, in addition to being healthy. And for the pumpkinā€¦ well, the poor pumpkin deserves to have a second important day in her life after Halloween, and it is also food.

There are other recipes for Thanksgiving less known but also very typical

There are other dishes which can serve as an accompaniment to the Turkey, but that should really be considered as main dishes. That is because there are dishes with ingredients that are perfectly valid to fill our stomach. This is what happens with carrots and grilled turnip or Brussels sprouts.

If you do not have any children on your Thanksgiving dinner or you are lucky enough that they like the vegetables, you can prepare a simple accompaniment in the form of salad with corn. Finally in terms of accompaniment for the Thanksgiving food, the little breads are never wrong, and the typical Thanksgiving breads are the biscuits and corn bread.

The desserts with the apple pie can never missed

When it comes to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, desserts occupy perhaps the most important place after the Turkey. Such is this situation that often we have prepared so many cakes and so varied, that only with the desserts we could have eaten perfectly, and it would have still left over.
Because Apple Pie may be the most typical, since it is part of the traditional menu that the pilgrims had, and that has passed from generation to generation. But when it comes to desserts and sweetened a bit is never more original and opt for another type of cakes.
The cakes and pies that triumph at all the Thanksgiving tables, include walnuts, pumpkin pie and chocolate cake (or triple chocolate, as they would say the children).

But as it is not a question of making a cake of each, because then you will be eating cake for weeks. So I recommend you do one for every occasion, or make a smaller one than usual.

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