Bedroom design inspiration: 10 ideas to make your room bigger and brighter

Today we are going to show you 10 great ideas to decorate your bedroom, make it look bright and more spacious.

You should remember that your bedroom is the place where you sleep and spend your time with close friends, so it is generally a great idea to keep it’s vibe happy and bright, but keep in mind not to over-extend yourself and decorating in such an energizing tone that relaxation becomes difficult. To maintain yourself in the right path of bedroom decor, these design elements your are about to read are going to provide you with the key aspects to have in mind, and create a living space that conveys the best of moods.

It is not hard to make your bedroom brighter and bigger; you can use fabrics, prints, wallpapers and more to achieve it… one or two bright things are enough when you want to make a bold space in a neutral and colored room. We hope you will find some inspiration and cool ideas! Enjoy these tips of inspiring bright and bigger rooms!

Bold colors and contrast

When you want to make a bedroom appear larger than it is, you can use various color combinations like white and icy blue and this will help you to create the optical illusion that the walls are farther away from the person. To make a room appear larger you can use most bright color combinations, just keep them light and clear. But if you want to make a room appear smaller and cozier, that is when dark colors become useful tools for bedroom decoration.

Natural lighting

Many times we rely on artificial lighting, why? Just because it’s easy to obtain and almost inexpensive! Is this a big problem? No, but did you know you can make a room more open when you use natural lighting?

Large windows in a room are a great way to make it larger and it will reduce the need of artificial lighting. This allows connect with nature and also will add comfortable elements to your room.

More is not better

Consider that in bedroom design more is not always the better option and sometimes will be the worse. Try to keep your bedroom from becoming cluttered. You do not need a bunch of tables here, there and everywhere; just reduce the size of your furniture to make your bedroom bigger.

When you use small chairs you have the smarter option than a large sofa. Think that there are many modern small furniture and they will be much more comfortable than many larger pieces that bedrooms use today.


The mirrors are not often thought as an element to opening up a bedroom, but some people say “mirrors can work wonders”. You can place them in key locations and the bedroom will appear larger than it is, but you know that it is just a reflection.

The light will spread throughout the bedroom thanks to the mirrors and this is an essential of design in this part of the house. When you place mirrors on walls they will be more effective than you would think. Just try it!

Furniture arrangements

This is a hand in hand with the tip before. There are furniture pieces that you can use in multiple purposes and they will reduce the amount of bedroom you need. You can use a coffee table that makes two items: chest and coffee table in the space of just one! Can you imagine it?

Light Hues walls

In the past lines we say dark colors are not friendly to make a bedroom appear larger, but they make it appear smaller. Walls painted with colors like white, cream or and some blues will keep the light in the bedroom and they will be a good help to keep the bedroom bigger and brighter.

Fold it up

Dining tables are ideal for smaller areas, especially when they are small or have drop leaves. They allow small bedrooms to appear bigger and the best is that you can make an eating area in your room.


The monochromatic is a good idea for your walls, detailing and trim. You can use white, beige and off-white to expand your room. White walls with a pale gray on detailing and trim is a fantastic idea to have a bedroom bigger and much brighter.


When you leave your windows uncovered you will help your eyes think you are in a dept. This trick reveals the natural landscape outside and if your bedroom requires privacy just try gauzy sheer white drapes and you will have an airy feel.

Think bigger

Other element you can use to decorate your bedroom is a prominent furniture piece (a statement armchair, for example) and it will keep the space uncluttered and open. Just use small furniture pieces and a big furniture piece and you will see the difference.

Well these were our best tips to make a bedroom appear bigger and brighter than it is. We hope you enjoy it and don’t forget that your ceilings are important pieces to decorate a room. You can go for a dark ceiling to create the illusion of height.

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