How to help lower back strain

Lower back pain is a common disorder caused by some problems with bones, spinal muscles, discs, tendons or nerves. And the true about this problem is there is no one certain cure to treat it, the actual remedy is about finding what really works for you and often you will need to try different things.

Medical methods are frequently focus on addressing all anatomical problems that could cause the lower back pain, but when you need to treat the annoying pain is often more than just “healing” or treating the anatomical problem.

There are many reasons that could cause lower back pain; maybe you lift something heavy, you are suffering by herniated nucleus, you are dealing with arthritis or another degenerative condition or just overloaded with stress through many years; whatever you have, experts say that almost everyone can suffer this back pain at some point in their lives.

Occasionally, the pain could be clearly serious, so you should establish a routine to reduce low back pain; here are a the best but simplest remedies to try at home to reduce or relieve lower back pain, you just need to try them and discover which ones really work for you.

Stay active and limit the bed rest

Experts explain that people with lower-back pain who rest often feel more deep pain and more trouble dealing with daily tasks than those who keep moving and stay active.

We know that feeling this kind of pain is awful, but the worst choice to reduce it is extend the time you rest so you should not have more than three or four days of bed rest. If you are doing this you should better stand up and start to move quickly as possible.

For that reason one of the remedies you need to consider is doing some exercises. You can make strengthening exercises and also take physical therapy; both will help you a lot.

One thing you need to know is the muscles in your abs and back support your lower lumbar spine. These muscles are not very used, in other words, these do not get any workout in most people, because their life style is sedentary. For that reason half of people in America with back pain affirm on social network that they wished had done more back strengthening exercises to avoid or relief their problem.

So you can make a good combination of a daily routine exercises along with any medical treatment you are receiving, just talk with your doctor about this and start to move because stay active could be the best remedy for back pain.  But remember to make it with moderation.

Moreover, try to sleep in the right way because sleeping just one night in a bad position can cause a terrible back pain during several days.

Always maintain a good posture

This point needs to be highlighted. Most people have poor posture when are working, walking or doing their stuffs and that can stress and create unnecessary strain on back. Of course, if you have a good posture often but one day you feel sad and assume a poor posture you will not feel back pain immediately.

Lower-back pain caused by a poor posture and strain is something that was building through the years. Try to keep the right amount of curvature in the back, this simple thing can take off some pressure on the nerves and of course it will reduce your back pain.

Besides, improving your flexibility will help you a lot. While tension and tightness can cause and terrible back pain, increasing flexibility gives you many benefits.

Visit the specialist

Necessarily you should visit your doctor or any specialist, who will help you to manage lower-back pain. He or she will suggest you an individualized exercise plan with more or less core strengthening; maybe also some exercises to stretch and improve your flexibility, relaxations techniques among others.

If you find a good therapist, physiologist or chiropractor who specializes in back care, you should ask everything you need to know and start to follow their advices to manage your problem. Like we said before, there is no a magic pill that could cure lower back pain immediately in everyone, but if you follow every step and take care of yourself you will feel relief.

Besides, you should take some therapy to discard lower-back pain as a symptom of depression or anxiety. Altogether you could practice tai chi, yoga or just try to be relaxed at home with deep breathing exercises and meditation.

Other simple remedies to help you

The heat, warm and cold will comfort you when you are feeling this pain, so if you are suffering quite hard with the ache put some cold packs in your back (principally if there is swelling) and later you can use heating pads, but do not overdo yourself.

Furthermore, if you are using braces for your back, try to do not wear it all day. Just use it when you need to lift heavy things and make strenuous activities, but if you will have a calm day at home keep them on just for 10 to 15 minutes, take it off and after a while you can use it again.

You should not use braces all day because your back and abs muscles will be weaker and you will have less core strength.

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