Calculating my ovulation days: all I need to know

If you have made the decision to become pregnant, it is clear what should be the next step: make love so it occur the fertilization of the ovum by the sperm during sexual intercourse. The practice is not a very difficult to follow, so we can assume that there will be no problems to do that part… But although practice is good, what about to make sure which are the best days to perform the sexual intercourse? To make this happen, we need to learn calculating my ovulation days.

Calculating my ovulation days All I need to know

Becoming pregnant is not simple. Even though there are hundreds of cases each year of unwanted pregnancies because protection was not used or something went wrong, it can happen than when we really want to get pregnant, we can not do it. Why? The body of the woman, and especially its fertility, is part of an ongoing cycle that we should know to learn which days are the most propitious to get pregnant.

Calculating the ovulation days is the key to go on track at the time of becoming pregnant. But to do this, we must first receive:

A class of biology

Ovulation is the process by which the ovary develops and releases an egg ready to be fertilized. Each month during the menstruation the ovaries are at rest and in that moment it is when they begin to grow between 10 and 20 eggs within fluid-filled sacs called follicles. However, before the 10th day of that cycle only one continues to grow while others begin to atrophy. The follicle that continued to grow mature and breaks down, releasing the ovum, taking place the famous ovulation.

Ovulation occurs approximately between 12 and 16 days before the next menstruation, and the egg has a life of 48 hours. Therefore, knowing the exact date in which ovulation is occurring and the egg has begun to developed, is very important to allow the sperm fertilizing the egg… In other words: is important to perform the sexual act and release sperm, knowing that there is an egg waiting to be fertilized.

Precisely because ovulation is a very specific process and the life time of the egg is not so long, there are many women who are trying to become pregnant, that the first thing they do is calculate the ovulation days.

Techniques of calculating my ovulation days

There are several techniques, very easy to apply, which may give clues about whether we are ovulating or not, and therefore to know if it is the right time to have sex and become pregnant. Here are the most common:

  • Controlling your cervical mucus: When you’re in your days of ovulation you will notice that the cervical mucus (or vaginal discharge) has a more slippery texture. This vaginal discharge is responsible for helping to provide a suitable environment for the sperm to move more easily. Therefore, when it is more slippery, it means that is facilitating the movement of sperm, pointing out that it is the right time to allow fertilization.
  •  If you have pain or abdominal discomfort is another symptom that you are in the process of ovulation. Especially if this occurs before, during or after the menstrual cycle.
  • Know your body basal temperature is another very common technique to know if you are ovulating. Basal body temperature is the temperature of the uterus, which increases significantly during the days of ovulation. There are thermometers specifically designed for basal temperature control, and you can find them in any pharmacy… But the measurement should be taken when you wake up, and be aware of the time that the temperature has risen. It is then when you’re ovulating.

How to calculate my ovulation days

Along with these techniques that help to identify the moment when you are ovulating, there are other options (or mathematical calculations) that helps to indicate the time at which the new ovulation will take place. Thus, women can mark on the calendar which days they must have relationships to be able to become pregnant.

To increase the chances of pregnancy, the couple must have intercourse during the fertile period from two days before until two days after the ovulation. And to know when you are ovulating, the woman must count approximately 14 days before the end of the menstruation.

But before you go running to a schedule to mark the next day in which you will have sex intercourse, you must think that this calculation is not so accurate. Mainly because the woman´s body, as very perfect as it can be, is not accurate at 100%.

The best thing for calculating my ovulation days is to make a compendium of this calculation and the techniques that we have indicated you. With both options the chances of success will be even greater and soon you will be pregnant… But if you are a woman that does not like to do calculations of what day you must make love to get pregnant, nothing matters. After all the practice makes the success, and should not be forgotten that a child is, above all, the fruit of love… So you know: make love.

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