Champions must Lose to Win

Sometimes You Lose

Oftentimes it does not matter what people do when it comes to getting into shape. Especially if they choose to step into the limelight! Furthermore, for the ones who decide to appear on reality television, there is no question that their exploits will be broadcast ‘front and center’ to the world. Additionally, not only will the personal business of participants be spreabiggest loserd throughout the masses, so will the criticism. And this is no less true in the case of the winner of NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser.”

Unfortunately, the latest weight loss champ Rachel Fredrickson will likely hear murmurs about if her dramatic weight loss is good or bad. Non-experts and pundits will undoubtedly question Rachel’s health, because she shed an astounding 60 percent of her body mass. Now nobody can pinpoint if the conversation will focus on Rachel losing over half of her body mass, or the fact that she was originally 260 pounds at only 5’4 tall.” Regardless of this season’s primary topic, there will definitely be mention of the 155 pounds she loss that resulted in her thinly 105 pound frame.

Probable Pundits and Potential

Another certainty of Rachel’s massive weight loss will surround her body mass index (BMI); a ratio based on subject’s weight and height proportions. Doctors, dietitians and trainers alike perceive the BMI as a vital component with regard to weight loss. In the event of Rachel Fredrickson, she will surely be scrutinized since she is a relatively short person. Furthermore, critics will likely argue that her extreme weight loss can not only be attributed to a low-calorie diet, but also nutrient deficiency. Last but more importantly, they may also contend that her weight loss could be detrimental to her long-term healthcare.

There is no doubt that Rachel’s weight loss will concern many. But truthfully, pundits should be more concerned about how she will cope with her dramatic transformation when the bright lights of TV go out. According to Vanessa Ann Lea, “fast weight loss is possible and healthy for you if it’s done in a nutritious way.” Vanessa believes that fasting (cleansing) can motivate many people to stay on a steady weight loss program as long as it is done properly. So the question of is the health of some contestants on “The Biggest Loser” in jeopardy due to unfathomable weight losses is not as great a concern for Ms. Lea as it is for other experts.

Train to Win and Lose

Fortunately, “The Biggest Loser” has a highly experienced cast of professionals that prepare participants for long lives of good health through methods like cleansing. Its superb cast features Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince (trainers) along with Michael Dansinger and Robert Huizenga (doctors): coordinate low-calorie diet plans that incorporate juicing fruits, rachelfruits, vegetables and nuts alongside intense exercise regiments. Every participant departs the show with a healthy itinerary, so it is very plausible that Rachel Fredrickson’s remarkable weight loss is not as bad as many believe.

Nobody has all of the answers regarding what the future holds for Rachel Fredrickson. With that said, that is why it is essential for her to prepare for the scrutiny! Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms are already discussing the pros and cons of Rachel’s remarkable body change. Online whispers span from how unhealthy she looks, to questioning how soon will she regain the weight. But the truth is, there is no science to diagnose if someone is unhealthy from purely speculating.

With respect as to whether Rachel stays slim or regains the weight she worked so hard to lose, there is only one answer. And that remains to be seen! As for the “The Biggest Loser” it is no secret this show has taken staunch criticism from pundits and the public, due to the relapse of several former contestants. But in all fairness, most learning is a direct result of many mistakes.

Win and Lose in the End

Ultimately, there are very decent weight loss plans prescribed by knowledgeable professionals that truly do work. Moreover, note not everyone or every body will respond to the same health plan, so the key is to seek what works best for you. On the other hand, customized health plans are not free or cheap, so a huge part of proper dieting is dependent on money, but more so motivation.

Even though we are free to express our perspectives on if Rachel Fredrickson lost her weight too fast, but be mindful this is merely our opinions. So whether her win “Biggest Loser” will be a huge success or catastrophic failure is up to her. In the end, as long as she consulted with her physician before her venture, there is no logical reason why she should is unable to continue her healthy campaign.

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