Why drinking more water could help you to look younger

Water is life for our planet and for us and this element is considered one of the most important things that we need to take into consideration in our daily routine. If you keep well hydrated during all day you will maintain your body functions at its top potential and also your weight, besides, you will avoid headaches, constipation and other problems.

However, talking about beauty, water will help you to look younger because the human body needs it and there is no reason to deny that; principally because we are about 60% water. This liquid affects, in a good way, the water content of the skin.

Drinking water will help your skin to look its best for the reason that the hyaluronic acid and a vascular network, which is in the skin, hold water and this makes your skin look beautiful, younger and plumper.

Hydration is essential to remove waste of your body, lubricate joints and stabilize your body temperature.

Usually websites recommended to drink 8 glasses of water per day, but at present this number can change because should be relative with the people’s weight and daily activities. So number has been attacked as being too much or maybe too little, but it is just reference to consider.

For example if one day you make some exercises and summer also gets more heated than other days, you probably will need more than just 8 glasses because you will sweat more and your body will ask you for more hydration. But when you are at home being completely inactive, possibly you will not want too much.

Your body will ask you the exact amount you really need, so you better listen to it.

Myths and Realities

It is true that drinking water will help your skin but experts also explain that if your skin is naturally dry, no matter how much water you drink. You need to make a combination of hydration and use a moisturizer.

Water will help your inner skin (dermis and subcutaneous layer), but it does not really affect completely the outer layer of skin, it definitely needs to be hydrated with moisturizing creams. Nonetheless, is you have well hydration all the time it will be more easy to your body absorb the nutrients of the moisturizer.

You should apply a good moisturizer after the shower time because the skin is clean and damp.

 Experts also say that there is poor scientific evidence that prove about drinking more water could change some skin characteristics such as wrinkling, nevertheless, it can prevent or delay them.

But is true that when you are suffering acne in your face and back, drinking sufficient water will help you to eliminate toxins in your body and reduce pimples.

Another reality about all this is that if you are too dehydrated, your body will absorb water from your skin and tissue, making your precious skin less elastic and also your eyes more sunken; and these will make you look older.

Benefits of being hydrated

We can count too many benefits about drinking water; most people see the changes in a few days, it may be that their constipation is gone and also some dark shadows around their eyes.

Then, drinking more water will make a remarkable transformation in your body and the most important benefits are:

-Care your skin: Drinking sufficient water is one of the best things you should do if you really want to keep your skin looking younger, and if you do it well, you could forget about buying expensive treatments and creams all the time or been overload on useless lotions; just a good moisturizer will be enough for you.

Hydration promotes a better skin circulation at its inner layer and improves its condition, for that reason skin repair does not decrease if you continue drinking more water every time you can.

-Improve your metabolism: recentscientific studies show that people who drink 8 to 12 glasses of water per day, burn more fat than people who drink just 4 glasses. So, now we know that water helps you during your workout and after this as well, because it helps you burn more calories.

-Suppress the need to eat: It is not a secret for anyone that if you drink some water before any meal it helps you to eat less, and you should do this when you feel a dire need to overeat because you are bored, stressed or anxious.

-Forget about the belly bloat: If you suffer this problem often, aside avoiding salty foods and dairy in your diet you should drink much water too. It sounds a little bit funny and counterintuitive but the really is that you will not retain water if you drink plenty of water. Certainly, staying full on water and keeping hydrated your precious body decreases the bad belly bloat.

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