Easy tips to get a long lasting makeup

Are you tired of spend hours in front of the mirror to get a perfect makeup, and in less than three hours there is no trace of it? You do not know how to keep your makeup and you refuse to spend money on products that are good for nothing at the end? Do not worry. We offer some tips that will help you to have a long lasting makeup.
Easy tips to get a long lasting makeup

There are many makeup products that are advertised as the final solution to your lips, eyes and blushes to look like freshly made-up. The problem is that these products end up being incredibly expensive, and not at all effective. So these products are not the solution. Best is to follow very simple tips like the ones that we offer you.

Before you start using makeup, it is very important that the skin is ready to receive those cosmetics. Only thus makeup products will remain fixed on the skin, and in addition in a natural way. To prepare the skin and that it is completely clean, for example use a cleansing milk.

Start with a clean and hydrated skin

To get the colour of eyes fixed for hours, a very simple and very popular tip is to apply Foundation on the eyelids. You must not exceed with the amount, because the result may be worse than the cure. Just enough so that, when we paint them with the eyes shadows, the colour will be more secure to that Foundation. But it is also very important that the makeup base will be similar to your skin colour, so does not highlight more than the own makeup base.

For the lips the process is similar. But instead of Foundation makeup, we replace it with transparent powder and then finally we apply the gloss or lipstick. With this simple trick, your lips will not lose anything of their colour, it does not matter how many hours have passed since you put it. Another trick is to makeup the lips slightly inside. Thus, you will avoid the lipstick to run by the corners of the lips.

Use suitable products to apply the makeup

As important as the makeup that you use is the mode in which you apply them. Is not the same, for example, to apply Foundation with a sponge that to do it directly with your fingers. Much better is to use sponges designed specifically for this purpose, and which will get the base distributed evenly throughout the skin before the makeup.

In the same way, when applying eye shadow, best results are obtained if you do it with a brush instead of with the classic applicator. So you get better close the pores and, consequently, the colour lasts longer. In addition, if you wet the brush a little before mixing it with the shadow, the result will be perfect and more lasting.

Tips for makeup that will retain the colour

There are many tips for makeup to last longer. For example spraying you face with a dispenser very fine with mineral water on the makeup once you have applied on your face. With this simple tips you will get to emphasize the shadows, so the makeup will be more visible, but at the same time that makeup will adhere more to our skin.

A similar trick is with lemon instead of with mineral water. After you have applied the makeup on your face, cut a lemon in half and carefully put it in the face with a few little taps for a few seconds, as if it were a Rouge applicator. With this simple trick, you will not need to retouch your makeup because the properties of the lemon will help to give more consistency to the makeup.

If using lemon is a bit clumsy or the contact with the skin is uncomfortable to you, you can use something more simple like an ice cube. Wrap up the ice cub with a simple kitchen paper when you have finished your makeup, and with simple touches pass down the face. This way you will get that makeup is no quarter and it does not shine. And at the same time it will make that the excess of makeup that you have used remain in the paper.

How to keep a long lasting makeup on hot days or oily skins

It is during the summer months when the makeup lasts less because of sweat. To prevent this, a good trick is to mix your Foundation makeup routine with a bit of moisturizer that you use when you get out of the shower. Thus you will not only avoid forming gobs of sweat, but that the result will be more natural. As with little makeup that you use, it will be perfectly attached to the skin.

Especially suitable for people who have a very oily skin, is the use of waterproof makeup. This type of makeup tends to use only when we go to the pool or beach, but we want to remain perfect. But if you have a very oily skin, and as a result your makeup lasts less than normal, get used to use this type of makeup throughout the year.

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