Get fun as buying on Black Friday

Black Friday already has become, almost more than a celebration or a feast, an obligation. It is not for less, because we know that that day in particular shops lowering their prices in an incredible way, with what everything you buy will get incredibly cheap. So one can resist to buying black friday, and less in these times if saving money is what we want.

Get fun as buying on Black Friday

However the burden of so many people that are going to be that day in the stores can do that we remove the urge to buying black friday. But we offer you some recommendations that will help you to pass black friday having fun.

A day in family

Since that black Friday is a public holiday, to which the family is free for shopping, why do not you see the black friday as a day for the family. But not a day to spend with family while we are buying and where there is only haste and racing. Look at it better as a day where you can have fun with your children, and at the same time buying and saving on those purchases that you are going to get.

At the time of buying black friday, it is important the mentality with which you go. If you are already thinking about the amount of people who will be in department stores, in everything that you would like to buy and do you think that you were not going to have enough time to have it all, that is a bad start.

It is best that you consider this day as a day trip to the stores. And in the end it is, is not it? So when you get to the Mall and get to the queue to wait for it to open the doors, think better that you are about to enter in an entertainment park for the family.

Organize buying blackfriday as a treasure hunt

If you are with your family, you can take advantage of this. You do not need to be together all the time. While you are waiting for it to open doors there is no problem. But once they are opened you can divide and each one go to a store in particular.

But when you have assigned a store to each member of the family, why not do it as if it were a treasure hunt. For example, assign a meeting point where you should find you all whenever you have made your purchase. And the first arriving receives one point. At the end of the day a count is made and which receives more points has a special prize.

This way, there is a greater incentive for purchasing this product and remove it from the list of the things that you wanted to buy, because who comes the first has to have a gift at the end of the day.

And although at the end only will win only one, to consider the buy as if it were an obstacle race, buying black friday is more fun. And although queues continue to exist and a lot of people will remain or the shopper assistant that you have is still the slowest of all, you are still playing with the family. So everything that happens that day at the end will be an interesting anecdote to tell.

Travelling to another city

Another option to have fun while shopping on Black Friday, is for example the sightseeing. Since Black Friday is a public holiday, you can go to another city and take advantage of discounts that exist in department stores in that city. Although it may seem crazy, actually is not so much. First you know that all businesses in the country will offer special discounts on all its products, so it is impossible that you arrive in a town where there are no special offers for Black Friday.

And on the other hand, when you are visiting a city specifically to make those purchases, if at a given moment you are overwhelmed seeing queues or the amount of people that there are, the only have you need to do is to enjoy of the views of the new city in which you are at the moment. There are a lot of people who do this, mostly Europeans who travel to the United States to take advantage of the discounts in buying black friday, as in their country of origin Black Friday still is not as settled as in America.

But why let that Europeans are the only ones to enjoy this idea. Consider a mini family vacation after Thanksgiving Day, choose a city that you want to visit, and get the two things at the same time: visit the city and get necessary purchases. I assure you that, that way, you will get that Black Friday will become a real Festival where you will have great time with your family.

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