Get a healty skin thanks to vitamin e

To take care of our body there is nothing better than to go to natural products and forget about strange substances or operations that end up causing more harm than good to your body. And as main part of our body as is the skin, we also should take care of our skin in a natural way by means of vitamin E.

Get a healty skin thanks to vitamin e

Vitamin E is a vitamin that has more presence in our skin, and which gives that moisturized and flexible aspect that all health skins should have. Looking healthy and hydrated not only it is important from an aesthetic point of view, as a beautiful skin is always something nice to see.

But a healthy skin is also important because the skin continues to be the main security barrier that has our body from external aggressions. Because of any fall that we have, the change of temperatures or even the pollution, the skin is what actually protects us from these factors harmful to our body. Hence the vital importance of having a healthy and well cared skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the main component of our skin. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants, and that is what gives that moisturized and flexible appearance to the skin. But the drawback that has vitamin E, it is that is an antioxidant that the body cannot produce when it is losing.

If anything characterises the human body, it is the intelligent when it comes to trying to create substances missing to the body so we do not get sick. It is what happens with antibodies or red blood cells. But with vitamin E we do not have so much luck, because the human body is not able to generate new vitamins E that have been lost, and that is what happens when we get older.

That is why, in the case of vitamin E, and in particular when we take care of our skin, it is very important to provide our body the vitamin which we know that it will be beneficial, to retrieve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

How we lost vitamin E?

Aging is the main factor affecting the deterioration of the skin, as a result of the loss of vitamin E. But it is not the only factor. The wounds that we suffer throughout life, drastic changes of temperature when we are in summer on the beach, or simple pollution from cars and that we suffer every day in the city, also affect the loss of vitamin E.

All these factors are called “radical free”, which are the ones which actually damage the skin by affecting to the collagen in the skin or drying the skin cells. The most direct consequence from these “free radicals” is the formation of wrinkles, and that the skin stays dry and more fragile. But in the same way that it is easy to lose the elasticity of the skin, is easy to recover it by means of an extra contribution of vitamin E.

How can we provide vitamin E for our skin?

There are many and very different ways of providing more vitamin E to our skin. From start to take care of the skin at a young age through vitamin E creams, to simply carry out a healthy diet where we do not miss this vital vitamin for the skin.

Regarding the use of creams, now it is more common to see creams that flee chemical components and opt for being completely natural. You have to look for creams that are rich in vitamin E, and that they will help to repair the skin that is already damaged. But at the same time they also will prevent from suffering any more damage in the future making it more elastic, firm and smooth.

Another very simple way not to lose our skin’s youthful appearance, is introducing the vitamin E in our daily diet. Foods like avocado, vegetable oil or nuts are rich in vitamin E. If we consume on a daily basis these foods they will help us to take care of our skin without effort. And there are also natural elements, so they are also beneficial for our body.

There is also the option of using body oils-based vitamin E. There are some body oils that are particularly suitable for the face, which is where we most notices the aging process, especially if the skin has not been taken care from an early age.

Because that is the most important thing: As much as we can take care of our skin with vitamin E, we must begin to do so from a young age, when our skin is still healthy, young and well hydrated. If we wait for the first signs of aging appear by lots of vitamin E that we give to the skin, this antioxidant will not be as effective as if we had started it to use when we were young.

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