Getting the perfect wedding

Getting married is a very important step in the life of every person. But the truth is that a wedding it’s a celebration that makes women very enthusiastic. Since we were little children, all women have dreamt about that great wedding day in which we go to the altar with a beautiful Princess dress. Therefore it is not surprising that to organize a wedding can also be very stressful and complicated. We give you some tips so you can get your perfect wedding.

Getting the perfect wedding

The main problem that have all the weddings, is that you can only marry once. And even if at first you have more or less clear how you want to be the wedding of your dreams, or even because you know which dress will you wear that day, it is common that at the end you will have some doubts.

Doubts concerning where to choose for the banquet, what will be the wedding party theme or if you prefer to be a bit more original and forget the white for the dress. And the worst thing is that if you decide to take a look at magazines or websites of weddings, you will only get more doubts because more and more options will appear.

Be sure before you start organizing your wedding

For all the doubts that may arise at any time, the more important is to be clear of what do you want. A simple wedding with a few guests, a wedding more lavish with dancing, food and drinks until and where it is missing any luxury. Or a themed wedding, where the most important thing is that you and your guests have a lot of fun.

No matter what option do you choose, the important thing is that you keep the main idea. Because what you can not do it is to organize a wedding apparently simple, where your guests will be more casually, and suddenly introduce them a feast of five forks. Or just the contrary: You can not organize a luxury wedding but with some details that are intended to be fun and original, which at the end will only cause strangeness and example of bad taste.

Everything should make sense

Lately there are very common the themed weddings. They are weddings where everything revolves around a time of the past or a hobby shared by the two fiancés. There have been very commented the weddings that are inspired by characters from the film, as the “Lord of the rings” or “Star Wars”.

And while they may seem too bizarre these weddings, never cease to be the tastes of the bride and groom. And if everything is well organized, they can end up creating a wedding that will delight all guests.

What you should have in mind with these themed weddings, is that you need to be especially careful with all the details. Something that, for example, does not usually occur with themed weddings focused in classical times. For example, there have been many weddings where the bride is presented with a beautiful vintage dress of 20s or 40s years, but where everything else is no unrelated to that historic time.

Never forget the guests

It should be noted that in themed weddings, unlike the more traditional, the participation of the guests is more important. And if a guest receives an invitation from a wedding inspired in 20s, 40s or even 80s, they use to look for an outfit similar to that decade. It is the perfect opportunity to have fun in an original wedding. So you know that you can count on their support and interest.

But what you can not do is, once your guest have chosen the perfect outfit for your theme wedding, suddenly give them a feast or a type of music that has nothing to do with that theme. If you do something like this, you will only get to much disappoint from your guests.

What about the dress?

Another aspect that care a lot when you are getting the perfect wedding, is the choice of the wedding dress. This wonderful costume with which we have been dreaming for years, and that we will only get one day… Or better, just a few hours.

In the last years it has been common that the bride will wear two dresses: one more chic for the ceremony, and another for the party that is daring, short and above all comfortable. This trending for sure has been prompted by the designers of bridal gowns.

If you chose this option, see above all your economic possibilities. If a wedding dress is already expensive, two is exaggerated. And if what you want is to be comfortable, there are thousands of options that you can take, as most comfortable shoes or clothing designed so that can remove parts and enjoy the party without buying two dresses.

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