GoDaddy Bookkeeping necessities (for iPhone)

GoDaddy Bookkeeping necessities ($9. Ninety nine per month) started its existence as a simple site (Outright) that calculated quarterly estimated taxes for small businesspeople through proposing equipment for monitoring salary and charges. Today, its iPhone app presents greater finance-related points for freelancers and independent contractors than similar bookkeeping apps that I’ve reviewed, but at a reduce cost than many. The place most opponents are likely to focal point their efforts in a single or two areas, GoDaddy Bookkeeping essentials is able to doing almost everything that the others do combined. GoDaddy Bookkeeping necessities lacks multicurrency guide, nevertheless it helps you control primary accounting features, salary tax planning, and e-commerce integration. It’s our Editors’ option.

Browser-based SetupMost bookkeeping apps can help you do some—if not all—setup on the app itself, however none are as bold as GoDaddy Bookkeeping necessities in terms of providing a smorgasbord of features for U. S. -primarily based freelancers and contractors. Extra, you’ve got access to greater surroundings and facts alternatives on the web page. The two work neatly in tandem.

Be sure to talk over with the site first, log in, and click on manage. Each and every of the six tabs you’ll locate there deal with a single selected setup factor. You establish online connections to bank debts by providing your login credentials, and to ecommerce sites like Amazon and eBay, which permits you to exchange earnings information. Harvest Solo, IQBoxy, QuickBooks Self-Employed, and Xero TaxTouch lack this variety of integration. Salary and fee classes are only that: a list of the classifications assigned by the IRS, with a number of additions. That you may edit or delete these (though the latter is never recommended) and consider all transactions in each and every category.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping Essentials

Clicking the Contacts tab opens your checklist of contacts. Which you could view and add them right here, and edit dissimilar information directly. The invoice Settings tab opens a much greater complex monitor of options, most of which are not obtainable in the app. Besides atmosphere the default bill duration, that you would be able to set up your charge processor so clients can pay their expenses on-line, in addition to switch on or off a large number of notification settings, reminiscent of bill Due and charge received, bill viewed and invoice Paid, and habitual bill alternatives. These are sophisticated settings that are not at all times present in full-blown small enterprise accounting purposes.

At last, your Profile Settings are all about your GoDaddy Bookkeeping essentials account. There’s extra on the web page so that you can view if you’re again on your office, like a very thorough dashboard. The Taxes monitors are essential, too: this is the place that you could view your schedule C worksheet and export it in a layout that can also be study by many personal tax guidance items. You are going to also consult these pages when you are looking to examine in your revenue tax obligation and notice how plenty you should pay in estimated taxes.

Once more, much of this can also be performed on the app itself. However you may additionally as neatly do as a lot as you can on the web page to shop typing time and frustration.

Constructing SettingsIf you didn’t go throughout the setup technique on the site, or if you happen to should add or edit latest information, that you may do a great deal of it on the app itself, of route. The GoDaddy Bookkeeping essentials user adventure is not as primary and sharp as you are going to find in an app like Xero TaxTouch. It makes use of a vertical navigation toolbar that slides out from the left facet of the screen as an alternative of icons running alongside the bottom; this may be because of the depth of its feature set.

The primary element that be sure you do for those who sign into the app is to click on the Settings link at the bottom. Which you could work with several forms of counsel here if you have not already entered it.

The first is classes. Considering that GoDaddy Bookkeeping necessities is so income tax-centric, you’re going to need to categorize earnings and costs essentially by the reliable IRS time table C classifications. Akin to rival apps, GoDaddy Bookkeeping essentials means that you can categorize expenses as very own. That you would be able to add and edit these, just as that you may on the web page, but once more, it’s now not a good suggestion until you are an accountant or tax preparer.

Click on valued clientele, the 2nd entry down in Settings, and you’ll add or edit facts for valued clientele with the aid of just coming into a contact identify and electronic mail, or by means of expanding the checklist to include road handle and make contact with numbers. This is ordinary aspect in this type of app. You could also install a charge processor here. Your choices are Dwolla, PayPal, and Stripe, which is greater than most apps reviewed right here offer.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping Essentialsyou utilize GoDaddy Bookkeeping necessities’ vertical toolbar to entry the app’s other aspects, which means you ought to return to it every time you are looking to use an extra device, in preference to clicking an icon at the backside of the display, like different apps allow. To return to this toolbar, you click on on the four horizontal lines within the upper-left nook of the display.

Click income to peer a line graph supplying you with a true-time accounting of your existing earnings, expenses, and income (quarterly, month-to-month, and weekly). The income and rate hyperlinks open to lists of the downloaded (and manually-entered) transactions of each and every type. Clickingone opens a extra unique monitor describing each and every transaction, which may also be edited to categorize or to add a photo, as an example.

The process of in fact entering revenue and charges is as convenient here as it is on the other apps reviewed during this group. You click on on the plus (+) signal on the expense web page, and you can choose between entering mileage and including an fee. You enter the volume, payee and class (both can also be selected from current lists), and an outline. Tapping the photograph box allows you to add a picture, by using uploading an existing image or snapping a clean one along with your mobile’s camera. Unlike IQBoxy major, GoDaddy Bookkeeping essentials can’t study receipts and pull statistics, however you as a minimum have a visual list of the transaction.

Invoices, objects, and TimeThe Invoices link takes you to an inventory of your open invoices. Not like Harvest Solo, which best allows you to view invoices on the app, no longer create them, the GoDaddy Bookkeeping essentials app consists of tools for building these sales forms. That you would be able to try this through clicking the plus (+) signal in the upper appropriate nook, and opting for the proper client identify. The invoice date and number should still already be crammed in, and you’ll alternate the price due date if it be distinctive from the default you centered.

Like Harvest Solo, GoDaddy Bookkeeping essentials allows you to add gadgets and use them in invoices. That you could enter an outline, expense, and amount, and click a button to toggle between taxable and non-taxable. Once you’ve saved an invoice, which you could edit or delete it, e-mail it, add a charge, mark as sent, or mark as void. The app additionally carries types for estimates.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping essentials’ time-monitoring elements are not as refined as Harvest Solo’s, however they should be sufficient to fulfill the wants of sole proprietors. That you would be able to select the customer, description of the project and the number of hours labored, the rate, and the billable/now not billable repute.

The different two hyperlinks on the navigation toolbar take you to monitors the place you could set up your payment processor and your connections to accounts at economic associations. Should you click on on any of these account names, a screen opens containing its register.

A clear Winner

There are many competing iPhone bookkeeping apps for freelancers, but GoDaddy Bookkeeping necessities does extra, and it does so at a subscription expense that is lower than another apps that do much less. It leans on the site a little more than i like to peer, and it would not outdo its opponents when it comes to the person journey, although or not it’s effortless satisfactory to use. Freelancers who consider that they’ll only ever use a subset of the app’s features can also are looking to look at a simpler solution, however because GoDaddy Bookkeeping essentials’ price tag, and the fact that unused elements don’t get within the way, i might recommend using it.

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