Have your own growing home vegetables garden with this easy tips

If you want to start a vegetable garden at your home, first you need to know that this is one of the easiest ways to save some bucks and this is a stress-free activity but you should require constancy because plants do not take care of themselves, you will have to watering, prune and fertilize them to get delicious and nutritious vegetables.

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So, creating a home garden with some vegetables you will consume, gives you the choice and pleasure of enjoying delicious fresh foods, such a sun-warmed tomato; the flavor, taste and texture will exceed the quality of the best grocery store produce because is completely natural, without chemical fertilizers or additives.

Besides growing plans can be fun. It is an excellent way to spend time with your kids or parents or just the good opportunity to have a nice place to get away for a while and spend some time outdoors in the sun.

These easy tips we show you in this article, will help you to have your own growing vegetables garden at home without spending many hours and hours tending it. We just want to explain that you really can enjoy the most beautiful and complete garden at home, full of the fruits of your labor without knowing too much about agriculture and planting.

Then you first need to pick what you want to have in your garden; could be tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, onions, carrots, paprika, and chili among others. You can also combine your comestible garden with pretty flowers to create a special place for relaxing the view.

Once you find what you want, you can make some space in your garden or create it, for example it can be less that 10×10-foot because you do not need a huge space to start and if you want to use containers to plant you will need less than a yard.

There are no excuses to make it, so let’s get started.

Picking the place

Keep in mind that you will need full sun, plenty of water and good soil so when you go to choose a place you should check that you have these. If you are living in an apartment a deck or small balcony should be enough.

Therefore, the first point is about sunlight, which is important for healthy plant growth. Take into consideration that many vegetables or fruits need at least up to 6 to 8 hours of direct sun to make their natural process. If plants do not catch enough sun light, they will not grow healthy and strong and will more vulnerable to attack from bugs, insects or diseases.

Until you are planting Aloe Vera and cactus, you should regard that most plants are not really tolerant to drought; that is the reason why you will need to give them a drink everyday depending on seasons. Moreover, you do not need to complicate your life, try to have a good source of water next to the garden because the closer your growing plot is to a good source of water, will be easier for you to watering them.

Finally you need a place with good soil or you can also create it because most plants need moist soils but well-drained and riches in organic matter too. If your soil is nutrient poor, make compost or maybe a peat moss to feed it.

We can say that these are the principal elements you may consider before you start to plant because success usually starts with these.

However, you need to think in comfort and if you want to plant vegetables to cook with them, find a place close to the house and kitchen.

About cropping

Row cropping is the best way to organize your plant if your space is big, because will be easier for using any mechanical tools (tillers or battle weeds), to work better in your garden. But the downside about this method is that you will lose much space to planting; that is why it is not recommended to small plots at home.

If you go for row cropping leave 18 inches between your rows, with this space you will have sufficiently of room to paths and working between them and place taller vegetables at the back of garden.

When we talk about intensive cropping, we mean to use in wide bands as you like. Consider make them of 1 – 4 feet, o with a comfortably reach. This method reduces the area for paths, but it also means that you have less spacing between plants and you will have to weed and work by hand.

This intensive cropping allows you to design a unique vegetable garden, because you can mix vegetables with ornamentals plants.

The square foot method is another way to organize your garden, it consist on divide the plot into small spaces where you can have up to 8 to 18 plants, depending on the plant’s size when it matures.

But the most important of everything is this activity is supposed to be fun and rewarding, so take it easy and if you feel overwhelmed with all on internet just forget it for a minute and get a decent soil and a few seeds and start to plant your favorites vegetables.

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