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When it comes to healthy eating, there is so much advice online that it can become very confusing for people trying to figure out what is best for them. It is so important for people to know which are the best foods to eat in order to stay healthy and avoid many of the diseases that are becoming epidemics in our country such as obesity, heart attacks, stroke and cancer, just to name a few.

Every day it seems that there is some new report telling us that eating certain foods are bad for us and then a few months, even years later, this same food is pronounced good for us; One case in point is eggs.

Sun Dried Tomato Chive Deviled Eggs

For years eggs were deemed the enemy because they had cholesterol in them, it was not until recently that studies have shown that the cholesterol in foods such as eggs, has no association with the cholesterol found in our body. Eggs do not elevate the body’s cholesterol. What is a person to do with all of these warnings that turn out to be nothing?

The problem for many people is that they believe that everything the government tells them is gospel truth so they fall prey to the propaganda and many go on a crusade trying to tell others and spread non-factual information. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible for individuals to find the various studies and weigh the information themselves and then decide what they want to do with these facts.

Sometimes people are fooled into thinking that some things are good for them because they have the seal of endorsement from The American Heart Association. If you were to look carefully at many of the food products with the check mark you will find several ingredients that you cannot even pronounce. Even if we were to go with a very basic thing like flavoring we can see that many of them are artificial. Flavoring is necessary to mask the taste of certain products to make them more palatable.

People want to eat healthy and yet they face a dilemma in choosing which foods are actually healthy to consume. People are not called consumers for nothing, the food companies want people coming back again and again to purchase their products and that is the bottom line for them. So, how is a person to know what foods are actually healthy for them?

Easy Ways to Eat Healthy

  • Simplify Your Eating Habits

    • Since we all want to stay away from unhealthy food it is suggested that you stick to foods on the outer aisles when you go shopping. If you shop just on the outer aisles then you will be picking up things that are good for your health such as Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Fish, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, etc.
  • Stay Away From Processed Foods

    • Make sure that anything you buy has no more than 5 ingredients and do not purchase anything if the label has an ingredient that is unpronounceable.
  • Take Small Steps

  • salad
    • Once a day, try adding a salad to your lunch or dinner meal
    • You can have your cake and eat it too but just take it once in awhile and take smaller portions when you do. Although sugar is terrible for you, if you cannot cut it out completely then at least try to eat it much less often.
    • Give up your diet drinks and substitute it with water, or herbal tea, or hot lemon. Start small if you can’t give it up cold turkey and just substitute one drink per day, then two etc.
  • Drink Plenty of Liquids

    • Have you ever been ill and told to rest in bed and drink plenty of liquids? There is a reason for this: It is because liquids flush our systems to get rid of any toxins that have accumulated.
    • It is amazing how quickly people become dehydrated and drinking liquids, especially water, will give your body what it needs to work properly. Many people become tired, listless and many have headaches simply because they are not drinking enough water. Try drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water per day.
    • Taking liquids such as water or a bowl of soup before a meal will help you eat less. You will get full faster and thereby take in fewer calories.
  • Make Sure to Eat Your Veggies

    • There are many vitamins and minerals which are found in vegetables (and fruit for that matter), that you cannot possibly get from other sources.
    • Make sure to eat a variety of colored vegetables to make certain that you are getting all of the nutrients that your body needs.

What are some of the things that you have found helpful in your journey to healthy eating? Would you care to share some of your tips with us?


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  1. Lorna Monteith says:

    I am told by a Weight Loss Clinic to have 1200 Calories per day.

    I was also told to try not to eat rice or avoid too much of breads. I also like spicy food. I cook curries a lot but I also sautee vegetables with ginger, garlic and hot chillies. I am using small plates and trying my best to take small quantities. I snack, sometimes, on apples, almonds and peanuts. Also, now and again I have a Baby Bel cheese. In the morning I have one slice of Weight Wachers bread with one fried egg or boiled egg. Unfortunately, I have a passion for cooking though I don’t eat all the time during the day. However, due to taking care of my husband 24/7 due to a Stroke and Alzheimer (he is 82 years old and I am 77 years old), the only time I get to relax is when he goes to bed at 9 p.m or a bit later. That is when I tend to want to snack a bit, not too much but I do feel guilty. Please help.


  2. I’m looking for a list of foods in a clear liquid diet , flavors of jello, soups, ETC.

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