How to start practicing yoga

How to start practicing yoga
Yoga is a healthy practice and an enjoyable activity. It is a type of exercise that can be practiced for everybody, even old people, and is especially recommended for people who have no opportunity to make physical activity throughout the day, because of a very stressful job. But it is one thing to know this, and quite another is to know how to start practicing.

Seen from the outside, it may seem that yoga is simply a series of stretches that are performed to the beat of a soft and melodious music. There are even people who do not dare to take this practice, because it is considered too simple and that can get few results to improve their fitness.

Nothing is further from the truth. With yoga you start working all the muscles of the body in a more complete way than most of the physical activities, which perhaps only involves a few muscles in particular. But with yoga, our body is in constant work. So much it is so, that many people force their body the first day of class.

Different types of yoga

The first thing you should know, is that there are many types of yoga. Not only the more advanced levels or for beginners, but there are also other types of yoga that focus more on the part of meditation that it implies. You may not like this aspect of yoga and prefer the purely physical aspect, but think that there are many people that what they need is to learn to relax to overcome the tensions of the day.

So choose the type of yoga that you want to practice, and better if it is with a teacher. There are many videos, books, or applications for smartphones that will teach you how to practice yoga. But nothing is better than a teacher and other classmates. Besides company exercise is always more enjoyable, and you will have the teacher to correct you the posture, which is one of the most common problems when practicing yoga.

Stretch all the muscles of the body

You must remember that, although it may not seem it, with yoga you are stretching all the muscles body on an ongoing basis. Therefore, if you not learn very well the position in which you stand to make that stretch, not only you will not get to improve your health status, but you can also end up with back pains or cervical irreversible damage.

If at the end you decide to sign up for a yoga class that is taught at a nearby gym, the important thing is not to lose patience the first day. Especially when you will see that you can not touch the tip of your toes with your fingers, while others can do incredible things with his body and with little effort.

If you do not know how to do the movements the first day of class, does not mean that you are denied for yoga. Moreover, it is normal that you are not able to do them properly until it has not passed a month of class. But that does not mean that you are not learning yoga.

Never force your body

If you see that there is a position that it costs especially work, although there are others that you know how to do them, do not try to force your body beyond its limits. This is the last thing you should do, because at the end you only will have a contracture. Instead, still practicing little by little, and there will be a moment in which the position will get almost without you realizing.

Think that yoga creates a deep harmony with your body. And thanks to that tune, the body improves steadily. The most important thing is not to force that body, and perform all exercises slowly, being the breathing an essential part of that exercise.

You have to follow all the steps to achieve this posture, without never forget to breathe. And whenever you finish a posture, not go running for the next position. From one exercise to another, make a couple of deep breaths that will help you to calm your mind.

Yoga is much more than stretching

You must remember that yoga, although you choose a type of yoga to strengthen our body, also you do it from the inside. Every breath that you take, or the process of stretch where you are concentrated and oblivious to everything that surrounds you, is already benefiting because it is helping you to relax. And that is the most important part of yoga.

And if yoga has something, it is that it is a type of exercise that only improves with practice. So do not be angry with yourself when you see that your teammates make postures that are impossible to you. If you keep practicing every day and follow the indications of the teacher, before you know you will be already an expert of yoga.

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