Why is important to celebrate the Guy Fawkes Day

The month of November brings cold, time change, change of clothes, drink more tea, and chocolate, make some changes to feel more comfortable on those cold days and as women we have to accept we get depressed because the cold plays its tricks with our state of mind.

Guy Fawkes Day

But instead of sad start in the month of November, we find reasons to celebrate and if history gives more reason to celebrate, as in England every November 5th is celebrated Guy Fawkes Day and on the night we see shine the fireworks and the firecrackers sounds.

The Guy Fawkes Day is also known as Bonfire Night and commemorates the discovery of a plot by a group of Catholics to kill King James I and VI of Scotland, the plot was led by a man named Robert Catesby who looking an expert in explosives named Guy Fawkes.

Guy Fawkes had fought with Spanish Catholics and knew about the explosives, then in the year of 1605 they planned to destroy the Parliament with their Lords, so they placed thirty-six barrels of gunpowder under the Parliament to blow it up the day of the opening session.

But plans conspiracy failed, one of the conspirators sent an anonymous letter to the Catholic Lord Monteagle warning him not to attend the opening ceremony; and it came to the King himself, who ordered a review of the whole place.

On November 4th they found in the basement filled with gunpowder to the Catholic Guy Fawkes, he was arrested, and a few days, all the conspirators were captured, tortured and executed in public. On November 5th the Londoners came out to celebrate the failure of the plot, and today is a very popular festival.

Everything that can make a woman

All this plot was planned to provoke a revolution that would guarantee Catholic hegemony in England and establish the Princess Elizabeth as a successor to the head of state.That is, for a woman to be in charge of the entire nation. Princess Elizabeth was raised Catholic and behaved well in ceremonies also understand Catholics. Later it was learned that she married a Catholic boyfriend forever preserving their religion.

This story explains why we celebrate this day, because the plot was discovered and the Parliament was saved from destruction.

In those days there was a very thin line between politics and religion on the arrest of a conspirator became a party in which Protestants celebrated their final victory against the Catholics.In the mid-nineteenth century had already abolished the political-religious character of the night and went on to become a festival.

Since then, every November 5th in London is celebrating this day with a profusion of fireworks and the installation of numerous fires. They dolls representing Fawkes and the other conspirators are burned. With the passage of time, they have been introducing new characters as puppets of Hitler, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair have to finish some of the fires.

That same day, also celebrated with food, drink and people dress up in costumes of the seventeenth century. It is a good day to cheer November, we can go to visit the bonfires with friends, talking with neighbors, we can meet boys in the streets.

Last thing is important, meet boys on this day, so we dress well, wear a cute makeup, wear cute shoes which will be comfortable for walking the streets. And if you want to make yourself known in your neighborhood organize your bonfire, think that character you do not like it can burn, ask opinions and if the guy next to your house is nice ask him for help.

This day you can not miss the potatoes and caramel apples, so if you want to pleasing people prepare this rich food and offer it as a gift for people who share in your neighborhood. Enjoy that cold November, wears warm and cheer up.

Do not forget to wear that day a great smile is the best accessory that a girl should always wear.

And if you are not from London think about organizing a trip to this city to this day, you would have a fun time, meet lots of people and will share a tradition that has progressed over the years.

In London there are many places to visit, the London Eye, the palace, the monuments, the British Museum, Piccadilly Circus, Chinatown and other places more, but if you travel starting in November, plans to be in London for the 5th, you will not regret, you will spend an unforgettable evening. And if you travel with your boyfriend, will see romantic fireworks overnight.

It is interesting to hear the stories that explain the festivities, but it is better to live those big parties, regardless of the country in which you live or the place you visit do not forget to ask what are your holidays and if you can participate in the celebration is much better. Enjoy this Guy Fawkes Day.

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