Introducing the all new BBC iPlayer (This time or not it’s own)

This is a large week for the iPlayer team – we’re launching an all new BBC iPlayer with a bunch of new facets designed to make it more convenient to make use of, personalised and social.

The new website is in public beta right now – that you can are trying it out at http://beta. Bbc. Co. Uk/iplayer – the place it is going to dual-run alongside the existing iPlayer website whereas we get your comments, fix bugs, and add the ultimate points that did not somewhat make it into the primary beta liberate.

However earlier than looking at the new website in element, i might like to take a step back and try to clarify the design challenges we had been attempting to solve and the solution we came up with (or, if you’d like to bypass the background story and head straight to the checklist of new features, scroll all the way down to elements in aspect beneath).

The current edition of iPlayer, popular internally as iPlayer V2, become launched virtually two years in the past in July 2008. Again then the leading problems we needed to resolve were mostly technical things like: designing a platform in a position to coping with our all of a sudden becoming trafficmaking certain that content grew to become available in iPlayer as soon as feasible after it aired on tvproviding the best possible video bestimproving the reliability of video birth, including failover between content material beginning networks, adaptive bitrate for people on decrease bandwidth connectionsdealing with big height loads – the so-referred to as “proper gear effect” when 100,000+ individuals descend on the iPlayer site without delay after programmes like proper apparatus and medical professional Who conclude on tv The iPlayer V2 hosting platform turned into also designed to scale throughout distinct systems – mobile, television sets, set exact containers, video games consoles, PCs, iPhone, and so forth.

One situation that we vital to remedy when providing content across so many instruments and platforms became that in some cases we simplest had the correct to make certain programmes purchasable on, say, laptop platforms however not cell or television platforms. Moreover, the media data for every platform take different quantities of time to encode, which means that we should take care of situations the place a programme is available on some systems however not others.

This meant that we couldn’t make the same version of the iPlayer web page accessible on each and every platform. That would imply people on cell gadgets may get provided hyperlinks to programmes that aren’t purchasable on that device, giving an error for those who clicked to play the programme. So we delivered a concept that we called specific Availability, which allows the iPlayer publishing device to present impartial content sets – we name them Media sets – to different contraptions.

BBC iPlayer V2 has proven a trusty workhorse, correctly scaling to 1. 5 million users, 15 million page views providing over 1. 1 billion(!) minutes of video each month throughout greater than forty distinctive instruments and structures. That you can see the checklist at http://www. Bbc. Co. Uk/iplayer/where_to_get_iplayer/.

a brand new iPlayer: the design problem Two years ago when we launched iPlayer our dreams and challenges were generally technical – scalability, reliability, video encoding, and many others. However as we started work on the next-generation iPlayer, it grew to become apparent that our next set of challenges became not so plenty technical as social – and that turned out to be an even bigger problem to remedy.

On the maximum stage, the simple problem that the iPlayer design crew changed into attempting to clear up was “As individuals begin relocating from television to the internet, what occurs to the position of the linear tv scheduler because the tastemaker?” Let’s be clear: we aren’t there yet. Youngsters iPlayer site visitors is doubling every 12 months, it nonetheless only money owed for two-three% of linear television viewing. However whatever thing appears to be stirring. Let me explain:

In case you turn on your television within the night height viewing hours and idly flip throughout the obtainable channels, the programmes that you simply see are carefully chosen through each and every channel’s scheduler. He/she picks the programmes for you to see, and due to the fact many of the country watches television every evening, the scheduler is the leading tastemaker. By scheduling a specific programme at top viewing time, the scheduler is both growing and pleasant the desire to view that programme.

Now, today iPlayer does a great job of satisfying the time-shifted wants created via the scheduler: the BBC schedulers create the desire to monitor a programme; iPlayer permits you to see it at a time this is handy to you.

But what in case you no longer watched linear television? Who becomes the tastemaker then? at this time this is a generally theoretical issue as very few people watch no live tv in any respect. Although, for a small however transforming into variety of americans here’s indeed the case, and the simple issue that I sought to address become “who becomes the tastemaker for such americans in a global with out schedules?”

Now i exploit Twitter periodically throughout the day to computer screen what iPlayer users are asserting in regards to the service – “thank god for iPlayer”, “awaiting medical professional Who to arrive”, “iPlayer gradual today”, and so forth. – Twitter is a fine early warning tool for spotting issues. But increasingly I all started seeing Tweets from individuals saying “looking at “, “Loving Charlie Brooker on iPlayer”, and many others. I started clicking on these links, and located myself looking at extra programmes in iPlayer than i would have by means of shopping. In different phrases, for me, the Twitterverse is becoming the tastemaker.

Looking at trends throughout the trade in this space, it’s clear that i was now not alone. Chiefly on the planet of YouTube the place there isn’t any grasp scheduler who can shape demand. The tastemaker is all of a sudden becoming your friends.

Separately, our iPlayer stats instructed us that, whereas our clients in fact liked the carrier, most handiest got here lower back a week or two when they’d overlooked a programme on television – clear facts that linear television created the demand whereas iPlayer satisfied it. With the intention to get greater clients to iPlayer, we crucial to make iPlayer whatever greater than television capture-up alone – we wanted it to turn into a driver of demand, so that you back to iPlayer day by day to peer what new programmes have been there just for you.

The question then is, in a global which can’t be driven by means of schedulers, who or what’s going to play the role of tastemaker? neatly, we think it is going to be a mix of things that your friends suggest, issues that our servers recommend in response to what you’ve got watched, issues that you just tell us you adore, as well as the linear scheduler, whose selections continue to count to a vital a part of the on-line viewers.

So, if schedulers are going to be augmented by way of your pals as drivers of consumption in the future, the challenge for the crew became to combine friends and social into the iPlayer web site, and to do so in a way that doesn’t alienate individuals who aren’t attracted to this form of factor. Sure, or not it’s effortless enough to sprinkle Share, advocate, Digg, comply with, and many others. Buttons throughout the web site, but social isn’t a prerequisite to participation or add complication or muddle for people that just are looking to get going. Or not it’s about giving greater option and manage.

The iPlayer design team hence found itself with a big challenge: Take a well-liked and mainstream product, and reinvent it so that it becomes now not just a place you go to trap up on programmes that you simply know you ignored, but to turn into the location the place demand is both created and satisfied. Oh, and to do that in a method that doesn’t make the website greater complex, and in a method that delights each early adopters and the mainstream viewers. Make it personal, make it social, and retain it primary.

problem #1: Making the web page own with out making a separate ‘you’ web page right here’s an illustration of the classification of problem we obligatory to address: If iPlayer became to become your personal viewing portal, then there essential to be an area of the web site that you simply could call “yours” – i. E. A spot the place you could assemble your entire popular programmes, and most effective your usual programmes.

In the beginning we decided to create a brand new area of the web site called My iPlayer, which might be your personalised area to locate all your familiar programmes. Nonetheless it became obvious that making a My iPlayer page, cut loose the relaxation of the site, would suggest separate person journeys and duplicated content material between the leading web page and your very own web page. In the conclusion we dropped the theory of a separate own website and instead folded your personal adventure into the cloth of the leading website – anything a good way to develop into obvious as we look at the elements in more aspect beneath.

Briefly, we sought to add a big range of personalisation and social aspects to iPlayer, making each function a part of a coherent complete, and heading off adding anything that failed to have a clear purpose.

challenge #2: Integrating social connectivity an extra problem became how to combine with fb and different social networks. Fairly tons every site nowadays has a Share button which posts your endeavor to fb, Twitter or different social networking websites. The regular interaction model is like this: press the suggest button for your website >> pastime posted on fb or Twitteron fb or Twitter, see recreation, click on link >> go returned to the site hosting the counseled content material

It really is terrific in case you need to use social networks to boost incoming traffic to your web page – which is first-rate – but that detour by the use of an exterior 3rd-party site appeared to us to create a disconnect between the person pressing a Share or advocate button and getting the reward for that motion. And we desire it, exceptionally, to be seamless and easy.

Our thinking changed into that in order to create a energetic social advice scene, we crucial to make the thoughts and social graph visible inside iPlayer, moreover of path to any external recreation.

Additionally, we wanted to allow a single click of a suggest button to publish activity to both fb or Twitter (or every other network or micro-running a blog web page for that matter) where appropriate, in addition to posting that pastime into our own recreation streams.

The answer we came up with become to create a BBC login – referred to as BBC identity – which users can then join with fb, Twitter or any other social network that we choose to partner with sooner or later, permitting us to create here social suggestion ecosystem:

press the recommend button in iPlayer >> pastime appears to your friends’ iPlayer home pages >> AND recreation posted on fb AND/OR Twitter on fb / Twitter, see recreation, click hyperlink >> watch it in iPlayer

Basically, we use your exterior social graph to connect you with your chums inside the iPlayer site, and make it scalable for other BBC on-line features in the fullness of time. To do that, we join facebook, Twitter and the place acceptable different social networking sites to your BBC id login account, featuring you with a single gateway to multiple social graphs and a single recommend button that may put up pastime to distinct social networks.

the brand new iPlayer: aspects in element And so, devoid of additional ado, let’s take a glance at all the new points in the new iPlayer, with commentary explaining the purpose for each and every feature.

One of the crucial points listed beneath didn’t make it into the first beta unencumber and will be introduced over the arrival weeks (elements which are ‘coming soon’ are referred to in italics under).

1. Favourites the only characteristic request that we’re requested for most commonly is “favourites” – and, as explained above, integrating favourites into the site became considered one of our early dilemmas. The answer that we came up with was to add an expandable Favourites zone to the exact of every page of the web site: in line with our consumer research that told us that people most effective got here again to the web site every week or two to capture up on programmes they’d missed, we designed Favourites to be like your mail Inbox, showing the overall variety of gadgets, how many are newly arrived, and so forth.

The fantastic thing about Favourites within the context of iPlayer is that via without problems adding, say, QI as a fave, each time a new episode of QI goes to air, your favourites list will replace and reorder itself to exhibit the new episode. Adding items to your favourites takes best a single click on, so I found myself spending the first 5 minutes on the brand new iPlayer site comfortably attempting to find any series that I liked and clicking to add it to my favourites. I now have – as can also be viewed in the photo above – 48 items to watch right now, with the iPlayer servers at all times scanning for brand new episodes becoming attainable, including them to my favourites, and very presently sending me an e mail notification.

Now that I have so plenty stuff to view, i can just about ignore the relaxation of the iPlayer site and easily count on Favourites to supply me a constant circulation of things to monitor.

2. Roaming You understand how on many sites anytime you do whatever standard like adding a programme to your favourites or trying to personalise the site, you get induced to register – very stressful. So we carefully designed the brand new iPlayer site so that you could use most of the functionality straight on first talk over with devoid of being continually hassled to register.

However. . . If you do decide to check in, then your whole favourites and different settings can roam throughout all of the contraptions on which you use iPlayer. For example, we’re planning on updating the mobile iPlayer web site – the one you could access on a variety of cell phones – to help you access your Favourites as neatly – right here’s a picture of Favourites in the new cell iPlayer web site:

So now if i am bored sitting in a educate on the way domestic, i will seem to be for brand spanking new programmes to monitor, add them to my Favourites, and when I get home they may be correct there on my domestic workstation able to watch.

Full roaming is coming to the cell iPlayer website shortly – the preliminary implementation carries local favourites handiest.

However what is going to make this respectable service first-rate is when we will synch up your BBC identification with your television or mobile, so that you can choose up where you left off on some thing linked machine you have got – the team are engaged on this now and we hope to assert greater about this soon.

3. Customized iPlayer home web page Going returned to our catch 22 situation of the way to supply a personalized iPlayer portal adventure that become no longer remoted from the leading iPlayer website, our solution changed into to create an iPlayer home page that may morph, below your path, from a default view that all and sundry sees to whatever it truly is, neatly, only for you.

We wanted to create an iPlayer home web page that feels nearly greater like an utility than a traditional web site, making it a familiar place you come back to commonly for your conventional comedy, drama, tune and more.

Here’s the way it works:in the event you come to the iPlayer site as a brand new user, you’re introduced with a pleasant fundamental promo zone on the correct of the domestic page that includes the Featured and Most familiar zones that could be usual to any existing iPlayer consumer:

home-promozone-newuser_nu. Png

Now, as soon as you’ve gotten played a couple of programmes, our concepts gadget has adequate guidance to wager what you may additionally like and present personalised programme thoughts for you, and so for those who next return to the iPlayer domestic page you’ll now see two additional zones: For You and pals:

home-promozone-default_nuu. Png

Now here’s the place the personalisation is available in: which you can slide open any of the drawers to show the iPlayer homepage into the tastemaker of your choice. For example, if you want your viewing to be pushed through programmes that the BBC editorial crew has chosen, readily slide open the Featured drawer:

home-promozone-foryou_nuuu. Png

Or, if you’re so inclined, sign in on the web site, then connect iPlayer to your fb and/or Twitter social graphs, and you’ll get a gradual movement of suggestions from your chums:

home-friends_01. Png

These sliding drawers will bear in mind the state that you simply left them in, permitting a single iPlayer domestic web page to meet the needs of a mainstream viewers trying to find editorialised suggestions, through to users who seem to be to their pals as the tastemaker.

Remembering the open/closed state of every of the drawers is being introduced shortly.

4. My classes in addition to Favourites – where you nominate your ordinary indicates or sequence – we also added a My categories zone to the home page. To use it, effortlessly navigate to any class that you just perpetually want to watch (or listen to – this works for radio as neatly), click Add To My categories, after which the iPlayer server will preserve a lookout for any new content on your chosen categories, and the iPlayer domestic page will display you a always up to date record of latest programmes in these categories. As that you can see under, i love classical and world tune, and science & nature programmes:

home-mycategories_02. Png

5. Enhanced reside television youngsters you will have been in a position to watch reside television in iPlayer for neatly over a 12 months now, this is never that neatly ordinary, however recently we have seen a huge raise in live television viewing in iPlayer – and with the upcoming World Cup being a massive driver of are living online viewing, we’re making the reside viewing event a bit extra fashionable on the home page:

And we’ve got also created a brand new are living Viewing page which means that you can without difficulty view the entire BBC tv channels in iPlayer:

playing-livetv_04. Png

6. New radio console We created an all-new popup radio console that comprises Favourites and other key aspects from the new iPlayer site, allowing you to locate and listen to your customary BBC radio programmes all inside the popup console participant: 7. Suggest to chums The gasoline for the chums drawer on the iPlayer domestic page – and shortly on the playback web page as smartly – is the recommend button that appears beneath the playback window:

recommend_06. Png

As outlined above, you could link the advocate button to the social community(s) of your alternative via a single BBC login, and our servers will continually investigate your social graph on those websites and import latest friends additions and deletions across all your networks.

eight. Watch with chums And now anything that for some could be the killer function of the brand new site: the capacity to observe programmes with friends. In case you have already got a windows reside Messenger account that you may see which of your windows are living Messenger chums (and other quick messenger capabilities to be delivered in due direction) are in iPlayer right now and what they’re staring at, and even how a ways into the programme they are. Which you can then sync your iPlayer with theirs and chat with them in precise time, all in the iPlayer website.

Right here’s the way it works:On all television playback pages in iPlayer you’re going to see a button to add the IM chat widget to your iPlayer pages. If you’re a Messenger person and here is of hobby to you, click the Get began button.

After signing in to home windows are living Messenger together with your Messenger credentials, you’ll now see an additional panel that shows which of your Messenger contacts are online and in iPlayer right now:

ishout_08. Png

One at a time, if you are staring at a programme, each time you might be feeling excited about that programme and even simply a specific moment in the programme, that you would be able to shout about it to your Messenger chums – easily category whatever involves intellect into the text box and hit the Shout button – all your Messenger friends who’re in iPlayer presently will get the message, and might then decide to sync their iPlayer to yours and be a part of you to monitor and chat together.

By the way, your shouts handiest go to your Messenger friends who are in iPlayer presently – they won’t go to contacts who aren’t in iPlayer – so you do not need to be troubled about spamming contacts who do not are living in the UK or who aren’t attracted to your shouts of “it be the Stig!” or anything.

The Messenger that you can add to your iPlayer web page is a JavaScript implementation of the home windows are living Messenger customer – i. E. Your inner most chat conversations commute over the equal MSN community as average Messenger IM chat.

Watch with chums is being brought to the website in the following couple of weeks – dwell tuned!

9. Greater video nice For reasonably a while now iPlayer has had the capacity to change down to a lower bitrate video circulation in case you didn’t have enough bandwidth to play the chosen version. We’re now rolling out the subsequent evolution in our adaptive bitrate system which instantly adjusts the video fine up and down every few seconds, if fundamental, to in shape your instantaneous line speed. The improved video exceptional may be most apparent in full-monitor mode, where iPlayer will instantly switch up to our 832×468 1500Kbps remarkable SD streams as quickly as you go fullscreen, seamlessly shedding to/from the 480Kbps and 800Kbps decrease bitrate streams as necessary.

This new adaptive bitrate device, coupled with Adobe’s upcoming Flash 10. 1 free up with H. 264 hardware acceleration, may still supply better satisfactory, much less jerkiness and lessen CPU utilization on PCs equipped with a graphics playing cards that guide H. 264 hardware acceleration – see http://labs. Adobe. Com/technologies/flashplayer10/releasenotes. Pdf for technical particulars.

10. New iPlayer desktop besides the new iPlayer net web page, we also have a enormously better edition of iPlayer desktop, our Adobe AIR-powered iPlayer down load supervisor, now with two splendid new elements: collection Downloads and live radio & television.

This capability you a) won’t have to attend to down load programmes you desire and b) you could have got your normal programmes already downloaded to your desktop able to view for those who’re offline.

Downloading complete series to your computing device is easy – simply click the down load button on iPlayer playback pages and judge the “down load future episodes” button:

IPlayer laptop will now automatically down load each future episode for you, together with where possible downloading episodes before they air on television, making them obtainable so that you can play lower back inside minutes of the programme completing on television.

To steer clear of iPlayer computing device maxing out your web connection we have now added the capability to tell iPlayer computing device to time table all collection downloads between, say, middle of the night and 7AM:

desktop-times_11. Png

Additionally, iPlayer computer will pause any computerized downloads if old episodes birth expiring devoid of being watched, heading off conclusion of month bandwidth surprises.

Probably the most elements that i’m in fact liking is the brand new feature in iPlayer laptop for live tv and radio too, which puts the BBC’s 17 network and national radio stations. . . .

NU_desktop-liveradio-big. Png

And seven television stations. . .

NU_desktop-livetv-big. Png

. . . All correct there on your laptop for instant listening and viewing.

10. And eventually. . . As i’m hoping you can see, this relaunch represents many months of labor for the iPlayer team and provides us a platform so that it will function a base the next wave of innovation over the arrival months.

As in any beta there could be bugs, and we still have some aspects to add. This new website is a large step – and a large guess – for us, and we’d really welcome your remarks – search for the website feedback link on the bottom of every web page on the web site.

We basically hope you like it. As some of you may additionally be aware of, i’m relocating on to develop into CTO of project Canvas, and here’s the ultimate major piece of work from the group beneath my management. It be been rather a adventure for me and the BBC when you consider that I received that call from Erik in late 2007 “Anthony, I might use your aid with whatever thing” and i’m very happy with what we have now created.

Please retain a lookout for further blogs from my colleagues on how the brand new iPlayer web site was built, the Java/php internet hosting platform that powers the new iPlayer site, BBC identity and how we connect to social networks, and extra. Anthony

Anthony Rose is Controller, online Media group and vision, BBC FM&T.

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