Know the different body types and how to get the best of yours?

 Most people have one of the three body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph. But when we talk about body shapes there are as many as humans on the planet.

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Body shape or type is all about your own proportion, and each of one is unique, but fashion is about dressing your proportion to get the very best of yours. It is not complicated; just try to do not focus on weight and height, this is old fashion; so you better focus on shapes.

Resuming our most common body shapes are pear, apple, rectangle, wedge and hourglass. You might have just one type or might be a mix of these categories. Observe yourself, spend some time with the mirror and determine your precise body shape to begin, be honest with yourself because this will be the only way to choose right your shape and to dress it well.

Once you have known which is yours, just read the rest of this article to distinguish the difference between every type of shape.

Rectangle body shape

The principal traits or characteristics of this type of body are that hip and shoulder widths are similar with the waist widths, and they are usually thin. This kind of shape has an athletic look but sometimes it is difficult to look feminine.

However if you have this type do no minimize any body features and remember that your arms and legs are your best assets, you just need to work on create curves visually with some kind of clothes and show off your slim legs and arms.

If you need inspiration you can search on web different photos of street style about celebs with this body shape such as Natalie Portman, Hilary Swank, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson.

Finally remember that there are a few things you can and cannot wear if you are rectangle.

You can wear: Scoop necks and sweetheart tops to create curves; long jackets; tops with collars, ruffles and details to flatten your chest; layers on clothes to add more dimensions, dresses with ruffles; cinches on sides; colorful bottoms.

You cannot wear: Overwhelming styles.

Pear body shape

If you have a pear body is because the lower part of your body is wider than the upper part of your body, which means that your hips are bigger than your shoulders. In pear shape the bottom is curved and the waist is well defined.

So you need to work on underline your waist and arms. Also you can minimize your hips add and volume to shoulders just a little bit.

For inspirational, there are some celebs with this type of body such as: Kim Kardashian, Katherine Heigl, Eva Mendes and Jennifer Love-Hewitt.

You can wear: A-line skirts or skirts wide to make equilibrium in your hips, light colored tops and neutral or dark bottoms, square and cowl necklines, strapless dresses, ruffles on top, jackets above the waist and pointy-toed shoes.

You cannot wear: cargo pants and striking print skirts.

Wedge body type

Also called inverted triangle, is about a wide chest and shoulders but slim waist and hips, like we see on Demi Moore, Renee Zellweger, Audrina Patridge and Naomi Campbell.

Your best advantage will be your legs so try to accentuate them and your waist too and of course moderating your arms, chest and shoulders.

If you have a wedge body like celebs we mention before, then you need to draw attention on narrower parts in your body.

Remember that there are a few things you can and cannot wear if you have a wedge body type.

You can wear: bright colors on top to create some attention to your waistline, “high waisted” styles, wide-leg pants, skirts.

You cannot wear:  spaghetti strap tops and boat neckline tops.

Apple body shape

If you consider you have this body shape you maybe have a body similar to Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Hudson or Queen Latifah. Usually this type accumulates most of their weight above the narrow hips. Besides, back and shoulders are wider than other body shapes. But do not feel bad with yourself because beautiful legs are definitely your best asset

Try to dressing with clothes that extend your torso, also you better show your legs and use create with tops the illusion of a smaller waist.

You can wear: monochromatic looks, v-neck shirts, a bra with good lift and support, belts for your waist, flared jeans and shorter skirts

You cannot wear:  simple tops.

Hourglass body type

Hourglass body is one of the most sought body shapes because the shoulders and the hips are very proportional, for that reason your best resource is your awesome curves, so you should show off these, we have some news for you: you are very lucky.

Celebs with this body shape are: Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and Salma Hayek.

You can wear: fitted and wrap dresses, belts at the waist, skinny jeans and high waisted skirts,

 You cannot wear: clothes that hide your curves,

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