A list of vegetables to eat daily and get healthier

Some people say that you are what you eat, so now we have a list of healthy vegetables that you need to eat daily to be healthier and happier for all you little human veggies. The following are the must-have veggies for everyone, were you on a diet, or not. So if you would like to keep your health up and in a natural way, pay attention!

Healthy Veggies: Tomatoes

This veggie is full of lycopene and has a beautiful red orb; tomatoes have a cancer-fighting capability and also keep the blood pressure in a good condition. Tomatoes reduce the free radicals in the human body. You can find different suggestions to eat tomatoes, just take your book of recipes! You can drink a special tomato juice and enrich your mornings!

Do not forget that tomatoes are low in sodium calories and cholesterol and also provide niacin, magnesium, copper and vitamins B6… all of these things are necessary for a good health.  On top of benefits, tomato gives you the 7% of the daily fiber recommended amount.

When you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, including tomatoes you have protection against strokes, heart disease, High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.  One tomato is a powerful punch of nutrients.

Healthy Veggies: Broccoli

The fighting potential of broccoli is one the most popular characteristics of these vegetable and also we have to say that it is packed with antioxidants that help to reduce the cancer in lung, stomach and rectal area. Broccoli is rich in beta carotene, folate and vitamin C it is good to help you against colds and flu. How to eat broccoli? Sesame-Ginger Fritatta with broccoli!

Healthy Veggies: Brussels sprouts

These are little green veggies that are very important for pregnant because they are packed with folic acid, a vitamin to prevent neural tube defects. Also, the brussels sprouts have vitamins C and K as well as omega-3, potassium and fibers. You can eat brussels sprouts with chicken breast.

Healthy Veggies: Carrots

These vegetables are packed with nutrients for eyes, skin and hair. They are rich in antioxidants like vitamin A. Carrots are rich in vitamin C and they will help you to protect your cardiovascular system. Do you like to eat a carrot cake tonight?

Healthy Veggies: Squash

Vitamin C and beta-carotene are in the pack of this vegetable, especially in summer squash. This veggie can help you to treat some condition for example osteoarthritis, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Squash also has magnesium, potassium and fiber. You can eat ravioli with squash.

Healthy Veggies: Bell Peppers

Red, orange or yellow, bell pepper have heart-healthy nutrients like folic acid and lycopene; researchers suggests that persons who dig into a pepper everyday have lower risk of developing colon, lung, pancreatic and bladder cancer. How to eat them? Stuffed Roasted Bell peppers!

Healthy Veggies: Sweet potato

This is a root vegetable that has vitamin C, A, manganese, fiber and iron, but not only gives you energy, but it can also help your digestive process. You can eat sweet potato soup and other veggies today!

Healthy Veggies: Eggplant

Rich in antioxidants, the eggplants have nasunin, compound that protects your brain cells from damage. Eggplants are packed with potassium and fiber and they may reduce the risk of dementia and stroke.  You can eat delicious eggplant parmesan.

Healthy Veggies: Spinach

This veggie is an excellent source of almost nutrient and vitamin you need. When you have a diet heavy in spinach you can prevent everything from colon cancer to heart disease, osteoporosis and arthritis also. A good idea today is a spinach salad. Easy and fast food!

When you eat spinach you have calcium, dietary fiber, zinc, copper, vitamin E and omega 3-fatty acids. The antioxidants of the spinach protect your body from free radicals and they could be a great help in headaches, eye diseases, asthma and inflammatory conditions (arthritis, etc.).

The iron in spinach is very important for women (in menstruation), growing children and teenagers because it gives hemoglobin to carry oxygen to all body. No other thing  is good for energy, but be careful maybe you are allergic to spinach!

Healthy Veggies: Onions

These smelling vegetables are especially good for those people who suffer from osteoporosis or are in a risk of developing it. Onions are packed with a peptide which slows your organism’s loss of calcium and they are useful in fight against heart disease and diabetes because they have folate and vitamin C. The French Onion Soup is a good suggestion to eat onions.

Other benefits of the onions are that they content chromium, which helps to regulate the sugar in blood and onions have been used for centuries to heal infections and treat inflammations. The phytochemicals of the onions improve the immunological system because they help the process of vitamin C in the body.

Rich in quercitin, an antioxidant, onion has benefits to skin and nails and it is a helper to fight against asthma, diabetes, chronic bronchitis and infections.  Onion is an antibiotic and sedative. You can use onion to detoxify your body.

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