Marathon Training Tips

Running a marathon is a goal that many people throughout their lives. It is a test that, they say, it should be performed at least once in life as an example of overcoming. And while it is true that running a marathon is quite an experience, it is also something that should not be taken lightly. That is why we are going to give you the marathon training tips you must do before a marathon.
Learn the marathon training tips you must do before a marathon

A marathon has 26 miles. A distance that is easy to say, but that it is overwhelming. And a distance in which, as very trained as you are, it will always cost and will be difficult to complete. Therefore, you must be very well trained if at the end you decide to do that race.

Marathon training tips

Running is the basic training to participate in a marathon. People who tend to run daily may have it easier if they want to participate in a marathon. But it should not be forgotten that it is not the same to run with step slow for fifteen or twenty minutes, that to do it for four hours. Therefore, even in the case of being used to exercise, you should expand your resistance.

To do this, training sessions should be long and regular. There is not sense in running twenty kilometres one day, if what you do next is go to the bed all week because of stiffness. It is much better to gradually increasing the distance, and to do it every day. It is recommended start with sessions of 9 miles. But if this is the first time that you run such long distances, start with less, for example 6 miles.

The important thing is to do it every day and always at your own pace. Once you have train your resistance, already you can increase the speed that you use while you are running the 26 miles. If you make this training gradually, then you can improve your cardiorespiratory system, your aerobic capacity will be developed, and your body will get used to tiredness while running, in addition to have a recovering more quickly after the race.

Use suitable material when you are training

One of the factors that you must take care when it comes to train for a marathon, in addition to running that race, is the costume you are going to use. The most important thing is to use a comfortable wardrobe, and if it is possible that you do not use for the first time the same day of the race.

You must think that a marathon is mostly resistance, long distances and long time running. If you use clothes that are not convenient during a short career you are not going to notice. But if you use for hours those uncomfortable garments, each minimum gall will make you more difficult to give a simple step.

Do not go to a marathon with new running shoes

The problem is that the clothes are not always uncomfortable when we just put it on. Maybe the shirt that we bought seems to be very comfortable at the beginning, but just hours after you realize that with sweat it becomes stiffer and cause you discomfort in the chest or knees. And the same goes for the t-shirts that you only realize that cause you blisters at the end of 9 miles.

That is why you do not have to buy new clothes for the marathon, as very comfortable that this seems to be. For the marathon you must go with the same clothes that you are using during the training, and thus you will feel really comfortable.

Keep a steady pace

When you run a marathon you do not do it to be the first to reach the goal line. That happens with professional athletes that train during all their lifetime. But if what you want is simply to run the marathon as a hobby or as a goal to overcome, the most importance is to reach the goal. It does not matter how much or less time we need to do it.

Therefore, while you are training to run the marathon, what you should do is find that comfortable pace that you can maintain throughout the race. It does not matter if you think that maybe you are going too slowly. If you can maintain that pace during the 26 miles, it is that you are taking the proper rhythm.

Try with half marathons before the big test

A very entertaining kind of training before a marathon, is to participate in other shorter distance races. There are race of 3 miles, 6 miles or 12 miles, and there are practically all weekends. By participating in these races, you will input to find out what is your resistance. So if you run 6 miles and finish it just broken, maybe you are not ready to run a marathon yet.

Because the last thing you can do is decide to run a marathon without having tried before shorter distances. Therefore the half marathons or races of shorter distances is a good way to put you to the test. And doing surrounded by so many people, it is also a much more enjoyable training than if you do it alone.

And finally, while you are running, do not forget to carry water or energy drinks. And drink constantly and not only when you feel thirsty. Only this way you will keep your body hydrated throughout the race.

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