Mediterranean Diet Can Help Lower Disease Risk

A Mediterranean diet is one of the more popular choices that helps you lower your disease risk.  This choice of diet includes its own lifestyle, that needs to be a part of your daily routine.  Recipes that you use need to have certain ingredients, and your cooking methods should avoid those that use deep frying and excessive amounts of cooking butters.  Be sure to share these new diet ideas with your social media friends and family members.


Mediterranean Diet Helps Lower Disease Risk

A Mediterranean diet is mostly plant based, excludes most fatty foods and avoids excessively processed food.  This style of diet has its own daily exercise requirement, that is incorporated in its standard regimen.  The following diseases are avoided or prevented by using a Mediterranean diet plan:

  • Heart disease is often included in the list of syndromes or diseases that are prevented by eating correctly.
  • There are a number of risk factors, that make up the symptoms that come before any major heart event.  Risk factors include having high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.  Your doctor will describe these symptoms to you, if your health tests show these elevations.  Not eating the right way will increase your risk for heart disease.
  • Diabetes is another disease that is frequently the result of not eating correctly.  Your body can be insulin resistant, if you are ingesting foods that are not good for you.
  • These risk factors are included in a metabolic syndrome or group of symptoms.  Major diseases can occur, when you continue to have certain health problems.  These symptoms are among those that can be easily corrected or eliminated, if you eat the right way.
  • A Mediterranean diet is one that has healthy foods and an active lifestyle.  Many medical and health experts use this style of diet, for patients who are showing signs of early heart disease and diabetes.  This type of diet plan is used for patients with abdominal obesity as well.

Sample Mediterranean Diet Plan

This type of diet is recommended by heart specialists and fitness experts.  The following information can help you develop your own version of this effective diet regimen:

  • These diet plans are rich in plant based foods and include fruits and vegetables.  Colorful produce is used frequently in order to provide an attractive meal, and this choice of produce does tend to have brighter and richer colors.
  • Potatoes and beans are eaten frequently.  Your potatoes can be white potatoes or sweet potatoes, that are eaten by themselves or mixed in a separate dish.
  • Whole grain bread is always chosen over white bread.  Whole grains are selected for their nutritional value that includes vitamins and minerals.  Grains offer an additional digestion value.
  • Nuts and seeds can be substituted for chips and crackers.  Nuts have their own nutritional and digestion values and should be eaten every day.
  • Yogurt, cheese and eggs can be a part of your daily meal plans.  The dairy products that you purchase need to be low in fat, since too much saturated fat can damage your heart health.  Eggs are alright to eat in moderation, but should not be ingested on a daily basis.  Eggs have their own high cholesterol problems.
  • Good fats to cook with include extra virgin olive oil, instead of butter and margarine.  Olive oil is a Mediterranean stable and is a good source of omega 3 nutrients.
  • Sunflower seeds and avocados can be used to cook with.  Be sure to add herbs and spices for flavoring, since these ingredients are rich in anti oxidants and anti inflammatory compounds.
  • The Mediterraneans drink red wine daily, and this choice of beverage needs to be ingested in moderation.  Plain water is a frequent beverage choice, also.
  • Your desert selections need to be mostly fruit.  Sweets can be ingested in moderation.

Your Lower Disease Risk

Your disease risk can be effectively lowered by eating correctly.  A Mediterranean diet includes daily exercise and an active lifestyle.  These lifestyle choices can include walking instead of using travel transportation all the time.  Joining a gym is a good idea, if you can not set aside enough exercise space at home.  Taking up a new sport is always a good idea, for those who can do this.  Being outside and active is important for this type of health plan.

Fresh foods and a variety of meal choices are both important parts of a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.  Certain disease symptoms can be controlled or prevented by eating the right way, according to several modern medical studies.  Inflammation is a disease precursor of heart disease and stroke.  This choice of diet and lifestyle is frequently used by health and fitness experts to tame inflammation and provide a health protective benefit.  It has been termed a perfect diet plan for a long and healthy life.

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    I have sciatica and bone on bone what would be the best natural foods for me ?I don’t want to take any medicine, even though I’m in much pain mostly every day.

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