Stay Away from Miami, Florida (You’ll Never Ever Leave)

Alright, we’ve had a lot of people come up to us and ask which place makes for the best vacation spot.  Considering that summer is drawing near, and even we’re trying to make preparations for our respective vacations, I  guess it’s only fair that we come up with reasons why you shouldn’t ever visit places like Miami.  Now, it may seem just a tad ironic, but believe us, once you’ve read all our reasons for such, you just might be convinced that Miami is DEFINITELY not the place for you.

Who needs sunsets like these?      


Photo courtesy of joiseyshowaa

You call that gorgeous?  We can find even more to admire in a good set of curves in magazines than what the sky can offer.  Miami is so overrated, and we wonder why people keep praising the views of the sunsets.  Once you’ve seen it once, it gets boring pretty fast.

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