Take-off 30 Pounds Using the Latest Body Fat Removal Breakthrough

Have you been thinking about taking off the extra pounds you put on over the winter? Removing the extra pounds you put on each winter doesn’t do you any good if you just put them back on again, next winter. You need to find away to remove the extra fat layers you store each winter and keep them off through the year.

The Secret to Loosing More than 30 Pounds Fast

Do you want to know how to drop more than 30 pounds fast and keeping the extra pounds from coming back again next winter? Looking good on the beach requires you look slim and fit. Finding the slim, attractive girl you were a few months ago is going to take a little will power and work in the gym. What you need is a new work out plan to help you take off the extra pounds, while keeping you interested in the work at hand.

The boys will stand up and pay attention as you walk down the beach this summer, once you remove the extra layers of fat you stored over the winter. The key is finding the right exercise program to help you take off the extra pounds and keep if off through the coming winter months. You need an exercise program that will take off the extra pounds of fat, while adding calorie-burning lean muscle mass, and keeping muscles firm and strong for the job at hand.

Lean muscle burns calories faster than fat cells, so during the winter the lean muscle you add using the exercise program we show you below will help burn more calories. Using this exercise program you can build lean muscle, while taking off the extra pounds of fat you stored over the winter months, and keep the extra weight off through the year.

Dieting Just Doesn’t Work for the Majority of Womendiet

Have you been using dieting each year to take off the extra pounds you accumulate over the winter? The simple fact is dieting is only a stop gap measure. You need to retrain yourself in order to live a different lifestyle, if you want to take the fat off and keep it off.

The problem with dieting is that when you gain back the pounds you take off during your spring and summer exercise routines, it will be replaced by stored fat during the winter months.

We know how to loose more than 30 pounds fast and keeping if off through the winter months?

Negative Training: Helps People Take Off Fat and Adds Calorie-Eating Lean Muscle Mass

The latest idea in modern training techniques and programs, negative training involves slowing movement while doing the repetitions of a weight lifting routine. By using a heavier weight and only doing a few repetitions (three), while lifting and lowering the weight slowly during a routine, you can add lean muscle mass, while taking off the fat. Women using this new training technique are reporting amazing results, with only a few brief workouts each week.

The Secret to Loosing More than 30 Pounds Fastdumbell

For the following exercise routine you’ll need two light dumbbells. You don’t need heavy weight to do the following exercise. The burn is provided by the length of contraction.

  • With one weight in each hand, lower your hands to your thighs, with palms facing outward. Do one bicep-curl to bring the weights to a starting point at shoulder height
  • Now, lower the weights slowly to your thighs. The lowering phase of the routine should take 18 to 20 seconds
  • Immediately lift the weights back up to the starting position, taking 18 to 20 seconds to complete the lifting phase of the routine
  • Without stopping, once again lower the weights to your thighs, taking 18 to 20 seconds

Each three phase repetition of this exercise routine only takes one minute maximum, which means it can be done for short durations, when time permits. You can carry the dumbbells in a bag, since they don’t need to be heavy. You can also increase the duration of each repetition as you progress in your fitness goals and add weight.

This fitness routine is the way to drop more than 30 pounds fast. If you want to take off the extra pounds you put on over the winter months and keep it off, this time. Use this exercise routine as we suggest, you’ll see the pounds come off and stay off, and you’ll smile every time you look in a mirror.

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