The best way to make calzone

The best way to make calzone

The calzone is a closed or folded pizza, the ingredients are in and looks like a giant pie, it is actually a type of pizza that has slowly been improving over time.

It was considered a complete food because it contains protein and carbohydrate, but is now a fast food sold in pizzerias anywhere in the world. Although the calzone is an Italian food and is known worldwide, in many countries eat calzone and know to prepare and Italy.

The calzone is made with pizza dough, with wheat flour and with the same ingredients; they sought the best quality products, especially lots of cheese and ham.

There are many ways to prepare the pizza dough is a bread dough, which is made with flour, water, yeast, salt, some people added egg. The egg makes the dough is more fluffy. After preparing the dough must be left to stand for four hours, if you can leave it for longer is better. The secret is to knead the dough and let it rest, it is recommended to have time to make this recipe.

Others persons added olive oil, since this oil gives a better taste, and improves the texture of the dough, made smoother.

After preparing the dough should be spread on a table and with a rolling pin to flatten and soften the dough should be soft, stretches like pizza dough, a circle with the dough is formed and placed over the filling.

The calzone is stuffed like pizza, use the same ingredients, namely a basic tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, peppers, pepperoni, vegetables and other. The good calzone is that you can add to what you like it.

Now we explain step by step

We have explained generally as developing calzone dough, but now we will tell you step by step with their ingredients. For you to enjoy it also will show the best way to prepare briefs and Italy.

The ingredients are: 400 grams of wheat flour, 20 g yeast 7 tablespoons olive oil, salt to taste, 800g tomatoes, ham quantity desired, mozzarella cheese any number, 3 eggs, black pepper .

To begin, place the flour in a bowl, you add yeast and warm water is mixed and allowed to stand for four hours, then you add olive oil and salt.

Knead until smooth, you add more flour and water as you think. It then continues with the procedure described above. Preheat oven to 200 ° C and bake for 20 minutes. It is preparation time-consuming, but not difficult, it is a good dish, you will be fine with your guests can be served with bread and a good wine.

We wish them luck in this preparation, it is a rich dish, other suggestions is that they eat freshly baked when the dough is cold and loses not taste the same softness. The mass of the calzone should be toasted on the outside but soft inside.

The combination of internal ingredients make an excellent blend of flavors, the smell is exquisite ingredients. Its taste makes us feel in Europe, especially when you add serrano ham and ricotta, though a meal for farmers today is a dish for everyone.

Red wine is suggested, with soft grapes not fermented cool temperature, it can not be a hot wine, better cold. Others accompanied by soft drinks but not the same. Surprise your partner, friends, cook at home and prepare an Italian dish. Do not forget to preheat the oven so the preparation will be faster and cooks better.

It’s a classic recipe, dare is easy, use the best ingredients, do not forget the olive oil and any other kind you want or that you like. Do not limit your imagination add ingredients they want to fill, a secret is to add lots of cheese everyone loves. To prepare the tomato sauce, cook the tomatoes, then remove the shell of the tomato, just leave the pulp, crush the tomatoes and let them cool.

This is the simplest way to prepare calzone, there are many more complex recipes, the hardest thing is to prepare the dough, do so long as it is a long process, the Italians are experts in the preparation of the dough and recommend how more easy to prepare because if appends other ingredients will change its taste and texture.


Good luck with the calzone

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