The most popular hanukkah drinks

With all the importance given to the lighting of the Menorah on Hanukkah, as well as to the different dishes that are prepared in this celebration, it seems that the drink is not important during Hanukkah. But this is not entirely true because, as it happens at Christmas with the eggnog, Hanukkah also has their own Hanukkah drinks.

The most popular hanukkah drinks hanukkah drinks

Hanukkah drinks have a characteristic that distinguishes them from the Eggnog of Christmas. And that particularity is that there is a drink dedicated to each one of the eight days that lasts the celebration of Hanukkah. This way, we could only drink one particular cocktail each day of Hanukkah. And we must drink that delicious cocktails always by night, after lighting the Menorah.

The Manischewitz

The Manischewitz is the first of these drinks. Also referred to as Manischewitz Sangria due to how much that resembles to the famous Spanish sangria. To prepare this drink you will need three parts of Manischewitz liquor, half a shot of brandy per serving, two parts of Dole pineapple-orange juice, one part lime juice and one part of seltzer water.

For the Manischewitz, which is the main liquor of this Hanukkah drink, it will serve any brand, but the Concord grape is the most used among Jews.

Firs you will need to cut the apples, grapes, limes, lemons and oranges in small peaces and put them in a bowl. Pour the wine and juices over the fruits and let repose so the alcohol will soak well the fruit. And finally add the seltzer, but only shortly before serving the drink. One different version of this Hanukkah drink is the Manischewitz Sangria Martini, where the Martini serves as liquor next to the Manischewitz.


The Mazel Tov Cocktail

The Mazel Tov Cocktail is a drink that stands out for its blue color. But being precisely the blue colour the most typical of Hanukkah, it is understood that this drink is also one of the most popular.

The ingredient that provides the blue colour of the Mazel Tov it is the Blue Curaçao, a tropical liqueur that is not traditional for Hanukkah, but that can serve as a different way to celebrate Hanukkah.


The Menorah Martini

With the Menorah Martini happen the same as we have seen with the Mazel Tov Cocktail, as it is not one of the most traditional beverages of Hanukkah. For this occasion the ingredient added to prepare this Hanukkah drink are the blueberries, which gives it the original look.

The main problems with these blueberries to some Jews who want to prepare this cocktail is that, according to where they are, maybe it is a little difficult to get blueberry to celebrate Hanukkah. But for that, there is always the option of exporting it elsewhere.

The Hanukkah Gelt Martini

This Hanukkah drink it is directly inspired by the gold foil wrapped chocolate coins that parents gave to their children in Hanukkah, called gelt, and that it is a tradition.

This drink it is kind of strange, because combine Martini with potato vodka and Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps. Thanks to this combination, we have all the elements that we could see in a Hanukkah celebration: The potato vodka refers to the latkes, one of the main Hanukkah recipes to celebrate this Festivity, and the Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps for the golden coin because this ingredient has flakes of 24k gold floating in it.


Next to these ingredients, if you are brave enough to mix a new ingredient, you can add a drop of Godiva chocolate, or another brand of chocolate liqueur if Godiva is too expensive. This way, as a result you will have a flavour more similar to the coins.

The Dreidel


If the cocktails that we have proposed are not sufficiently strong to you, no doubt the Dreidel is what you are looking for. This cocktail includes, among other ingredients, Slivovitz plum brandy, cherry liqueur and Angostura bitters. But next to this you need to add the last surprise: egg whites. This is definitely the drink of champions. Whit this Hanukkah drink Hanukkah no longer will seem a sober party and perhaps too boring for you.

The Schmaltz Brewing Company´s

It is not really a cocktail but one type of beer called “The Chosen Beer”. This beer, which is the option chosen by those whose stomachs are not very adapted to such strong drinks such as those we have seen, has varieties such as Genesis Ale, Messiah Bold, and Rejewvenator.

The Sufganiyah

And for the last day of celebrating Hanukkah we have the Sufganiyah. It is a Hanukkah drink inspired by the jelly-filled donuts that are a traditional Hanukkah recipe. But when the Sufganiya includes alcohol, the flour turns into raspberry vodka (preferably Chambord raspberry liqueur), and the eggs turn into grape flavoured vodkas.


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