Tips to decorate the new baby’s room

Becoming pregnant is a joy for everyone, and the beginning of a new road to both parents to undertake with illusion. From the moment in which you know you are pregnant the illusion to see your son is so great, that the nine months of waiting can be eternal. But a good way to overcome this eagerly awaited, is to prepare what will be the new room for your baby. That way you will have it ready when your son will arrive.
Tips to decorate the new baby

Decorate your child’s room is also a great experience. In that room you put all your illusions, because you know that its occupant will be a baby born of love. Therefore, decorate the room should not be taken lightly, and is not good idea to let a stranger to come to do the work, as the result will be faster and probably much better. But who better than their own parents to decorate that room, that will give you all the love that this place deserves.

What colours to choose

The first decision to be taken on the new room for your baby, is the colour that will have the walls. Based on those colours the rest of furniture, curtains or pictures will be of one type or another. The first thing you should have clear when it comes to decorating your baby’s room is that this place will always breathe calm and peace.

Therefore, choose the colours or the furniture without thinking and without having relationship with each other is not a good idea, because that way you will only get that your baby feel anxiety during their rest, seeing colours or shapes so strong for them.

Many parents have doubts about which colour to use for the walls, especially in cases that they have decided not to know the sex of the baby until the time of the birth. But even in those cases, it does not have to be an impediment. Especially since long ago that ceased the fashionable trending that said that pink was for girls and blue for boys.

Now the most appropriate colours for the baby’s room are pastels yellow, green or orange. It is important to be very soft colours, because only thus you will get that the room of your baby will have a feeling of calm and relax.

Decoration on the walls

Next to the colour of the walls, it is also common to put different stickers of children’s characters. These stickers are very easy to find and there are all kinds: from Winnie The Pooh, Disney characters, Toy Story or Barbie.

According to the chosen decoration, we can return to the problem that we do not know what sex is the baby, which can end up not being the most appropriate decoration once that you have put on the walls. In these cases, there are two options: or wait to the baby is born and use the appropriate stickers, or chose a more generic decoration.

There are stickers or friezes decorating the baby room that serve as much for girls as boys, such as Teddy bears, animals, gardens, a sunny with Rainbow skies, and a long etcetera. And in all these cases you can even get more of that feeling of peace for your baby’s room, as there are natural elements.

Do it yourself

But if you are a mother who enjoy decorating your baby’s room, and do not want to be the same as the rest of rooms, why do not you try decorating by yourself? You have nine months so you can think of a beautiful landscape to draw in your baby’s room.

If you are not an expert in drawing, what characterizes a baby’s room decoration is its simplicity. So it should not be very difficult to draw a rainbow with clouds, isn’t it? And thus you will feel that your baby is near you, because they sleep in a room where you have contributed so much to their well-being.

Lighting and curtains for the bedroom of the baby

As for the lighting of the baby’s room, there are two types of lamps that are the most common. On one hand is that lamp that you must put on the roof and in the centre of the room. The other one is the lamp with a half moon format and which is placed on the walls. Whether you choose one type as another, what we are getting is that the light that illuminates the room is Dim and does not fall directly on the baby, so thus you better reconcile the dream.

About curtains that we will use, do not look only for the motives or the colours. If you want to follow the general decoration of the walls and take a curtain that has animal motifs or Winnie the Pooh, think before the material of which they are made. Because many curtains trap dust more easily and that is not good for your baby.

The same applies to the material with which are made the blanket, crib protector or bedspread. Always use bedding with a fabric that does not absorb the land or any type of powder.

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