Tips to get the best birthday's food

Tips to get the best birthday's food

Prepare a birthday party for your children, if you organize yourself well, does not require much preparation. If you ever thought to make complicated dishes but attractive, and thus make sure that the children will eat all the food, it is really much simpler than that. Because when it comes to the attention of the little ones, the most important is to be original with the birthday’s food.

The first thing that you should keep in mind when preparing the birthday’s food, is to know how many children are going to be and how old they are. If they are older you will have less problems when it comes to offer original dishes, but then you have to be more inventive in providing vegetables that they will eat. Because when they are smaller they eat anything they see on the plate if it seem original.

Fun shaped sandwiches

Prepare sandwich is the easiest thing in the world. You just need bread and whatever snippet to put between the two slices: ham and cheese, Turkey, or butter. And it is also very cheap and requires little effort.

But if you are going to do the birthday’s food, you should not let that the advantages offered by the sandwiches end up becoming problems that can get to ruin the party. Because you would not be the first nor the second offering a tray filled with sandwiches, which in the end left over half.

Why could this happen? Because sandwiches, by easy and varied that they are, there are also incredibly boring. If you make sandwiches with chocolate for sure that they will eta all of them. But with the ham and cheese they will eat as much as two, and then will go to the goodies, fried potatoes or cake.

To avoid this, nothing easier than cut sandwiches into fun shapes to attract their attention. There are many molds that serve precisely for that: to become a simple sandwich into a dinosaur, a heart, or a funny clown. With that, you will get no remains in the tray.

Cut vegetables into cubes and put it next to the sandwiches

Eating vegetables is perhaps the most complicated thing in a birthday party. But maybe if you want your child’s birthday party to be a success both for children and for their parents, you should offer also healthy food but in a fun way.

The best thing is, above all, is to remove potatoes and snacks form the table. If you put a bowl on the table with baubles, gives equal what you put on the other side of the table, the children will not eat it. But if instead you cut pieces of carrot, cheese or celery with fun shapes (for example in balls or squares), I assure you that they will eat all of it.

Pizza can be fun and healthy

If you make the pizza with them it will be a healthier birthday’s food and will also be one activity of the party. Pizza can be a good food for a birthday party, which can also serve to move the children it is well. Although it is recommended that you do this if there is not too many children invited to the party, or otherwise the party will be a chaos.

The only thing you have to do is buy the pizza dough, though there are also frozen pizza bases that can come very well, for thus save time. What you have to do is to propose that children make their own pizza as if it were a contest. If there are too many children you could divide them into groups and placed on top of the kitchen table all the condiments that can be used to make your own pizza: olives, ham, cheese, tomato, and everything you can think of.

With this trick you will get that the children themselves are who prepare part of the food for the birthday party (with which you leave time to do other things), and also they will eat healthier. Once you do it, you sure you want to do it every year… if children themselves are not those who propose you to repeat the experience.

Cupcakes instead of cake

For years to make a birthday cake it was the main requirement to celebrate a birthday party. This dish was no doubt the one that most time you needed for, because making a cake is not easy, and even less if you are not accustomed to cooking.

But that problem has disappeared with the arrival of the cupcakes. These fun cupcakes are a great help when it comes to save time in preparing a cake, and also are far more simple and fun to do it… And there is no child that do not like the cupcakes.

To do this you do not have more to do that follow the steps indicated on the box with the cupcakes mass, so we will not explain it now. But I will advise you that you need to take care on the part of the main coverage.

If you do a simple icing perhaps only one or two will eat. But its instead you make glazes of different colours and with different drawings (hearts, football balls or stars) the cupcakes will fly… And if not, there will be no problem in sharing what is missing, so the parents of the children also enjoy your cupcakes of the birthday’s food.

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