Top 10 Iron rich foods

Top 10 Iron rich foods

One of the main causes of fatigue, tiredness and weakness is anemia, and anemia occurs when iron deficiency in a person, this important mineral is responsible for transporting oxygen we breathe our entire body, so the lack oxygen in the organs can cause organ failure, as the active oxygen is what keeps our whole system. So when iron deficiency is chronic brings serious problems to our health, on the other hand, when the body has too much iron causes problems, because the body is hyperstimulated.

Iron is also an essential mineral for women of reproductive age, especially for women who are pregnant, as it allows the best development of the baby. All doctors prescribe because it helps in the formation of the bones of the baby, especially when pregnancy is initiating and nurturing the baby and helps in the formation of the spine.

The human body wisely regulates iron absorption, so the excess iron is uncommon, but it happens on intake of dietary supplements commonly made people, especially fans of the gym, without medical supervision.

It is best to take iron from natural sources and not by artificial means, so the best we can ingest iron is found in foods, allowing us to eat healthfully this important mineral.

To avoid mistakes in the use of this mineral, we provide a list of the top ten iron-rich foods that can be consumed naturally, this top is as follows:

  1. As the first iron-rich food include shellfish, including clams, oysters, shrimp and mussels, the amount of iron you have 100 grams of each of these foods, represents more than the daily intake of iron daily for an adult, one of the most nutritious foods are recommended to eat properly cleaned to remove any bacteria or precooked roasts and preferably not recommend eating them raw.
  2. Another important source of iron include viscera, liver, lamb, turkey, beef, veal, chicken, fish, these foods are high in iron because the animal’s blood is absorbed quickly and increases hemoglobin of the person who consumed it also suggests eating these good roast.
  3. The following iron-rich food are pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower and flax, a good source of iron, and easily consumed in salads or prepared get more consistency in seed oils or dressings.
  4. Fourth walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts are located, but in general all the nuts are excellent source of iron, plus they are very rich and are a great healthy snack. It is a food that requires no preparation at home, you can eat a warm temperature even for its sweet taste can be used for dessert, do not require cooking and last long.
  5. In the fifth beans, legumes, peas, lentils, black beans, should be eaten cooked properly, it should not be taken if you are hard are located, should be soft to be easily digested.
  6. Other sources of iron include fortified cereals such as rice, oats, barley, wheat, processed cereals these are usually accompanied by a lot of iron and are easy to consume and digest.
  7. The following food are leafy greens like spinach, Swiss lettuce, chard.
  8. Eighth, paneling rich chocolate and cocoa.
  9. Tofu is an oriental food preparation, rich in soy and is used even as snacks at parties.
  10. Whole grains such as bran, can be eaten alone or mixed with other foods.

In the previous top 10, there is no need to eat in many quantities, enough for a small portion that is sufficient. This is because foods are large amounts of iron and each of which alone is excellent source of the mineral.

Other suggestions to keep in mind

Within the list, a little below the number 10 can be located fruits, such as blackberry, strawberry and other tropical fruits.

Combine a good intake of iron with calcium, because the latter helps the absorption of iron, often no loss of iron absorption but lack of ore, so a good combination is to eat foods rich in iron and in turn calcium and vitamin C.

While iron is consumed to avoid eating certain foods such as coffee, egg yolk, milk and soy protein. Eat healthy, drink too much fizzy usually lower iron levels, lack of protein intake and high consumption of white flour also lower iron levels.

Look no supplements, seek your doctor if you have iron deficiencies, test your blood continuously. But something very important, determine what the cause of iron deficiency, thus may know what is the source of their loss, because it is not normal for the consumed iron is not Soak or that it is eliminated by the body .

The Iron helps to supply energy to our body and a way to determine iron deficiency is if the person feels excessive sleeping, fatigue, no offense, pale skin color, lack of appetite, severe bleeding.

Eat healthy and eat iron naturally

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