The veterans Day: a day to honor the men and women who died in war

Since 1919, the Veterans Day commemorates this day is a celebration held in the United States, every November 11th, and is the date that the nation honors the veterans of this country for their patriotism, love of country and all the sacrifices they made for dignity and respect for our country.

The veterans Day

Many people visit cemeteries to leave flowers to those who gave their lives for their country. Political speeches are also of great importance in all states, because it is a day that the whole country is aware of official acts.

For those who are preparing to join the military service soon, given the opportunity to learn more thoroughly about it through conversations with veterans.

Even the official website of the Department of Veterans Affairs of the United States, we can find a message dedicated to all servers in the country, the message says: “Those who serve do not do it for the glory, or power, or wealth, but for freedom, and that the simple recognition of service well done – a sincere thank you – is more important to most veterans than any other reward”.

The commemoration of Veterans Day takes place from November 11, 1919, when President Woodrow Wilson decided to remember the armistice that occurred the same day a year earlier, and symbolically ended the First World War.

Though Wilson was saying that the First War was the “war to end wars” that hope collapsed with the outbreak of the Second World War in 1941 in which were more than 16 million Americans.

Many celebrations are held around the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that is located on top of a hill in Arlington County, overlooking the city of Washington DC. The tomb is one of the most popular sites in the cemetery. It is made of seven pieces of granite with a total weight of 72 tons. It was opened to the public on April 9th, 1932. The tomb has a permanent duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year, making it an attraction for tourists, because tourists expect the change of guard, being this a beautiful gesture of respect and admiration for those who served the country and gave their lives for freedom and peace.

At Arlington National Cemetery, outside Washington, the ceremony begins on Veterans Day at 11:00 am with a wreath to be placed on the Tomb of Unknown Soldier and continues inside the Memorial Amphitheater with a parade by veterans organizations.

According to tradition, a combination guard representing all services of the Armed Forces, made ​​the presentation of weapons front of the tomb.

During the event, a bugle makes sound used in military funerals in the United States to honor the fallen.

Though the Tomb of Unknown Soldier symbolize all Americans who gave their lives in all wars, there are other important monuments for veterans, and where also take place celebrations.

An example is the National Monument to the Second World War, the National Mall in Washington, located between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

The Korean War is commemorated with a monument near the National Mall has 19 stainless steel statues representing a patrol fulfilling its mission.

The Veterans Memorial Vietnam, in the gardens of the Constitution Avenue, also on the National Mall near the Lincoln Memorial, consisting of a black stone wall, on which are inscribed the names of over 58,000 soldiers dead or whereabouts unknown for their involvement in the Vietnam War.

Finally, the Monument to Women in the Vietnam War, which is a few meters from the main memorial to the Veterans of Vietnam, is a sculpture that shows three women, one of them taking care of a soldier.

Women at war

Both men and women have played important roles in the war, men like his countenance the features are stronger and are those who have fought great battles. On the other hand the women who have served in the war helping, caring, healing and feeding the soldiers are also a valiant and fighters of the country.

The recognition of women who have served in war, made ​​especially for nurses who risk their lives alongside the battalions, where they are also victims of bombings, bullets, guns and still continue to do their work.

They have no weapons, no military women preparing tactic but with much courage risking war in any territory has confronted adversity to save the lives of those soldiers fighting in hostile places.

The Veteran Day is a day to honor the men and women who died in war, who gave their life for the entire nation, who left their home, family, children and amenities to serve their country and give a better future for those who stayed at home.

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