We teach you how to prepare typical Christmas recipes

We teach you how to prepare typical Christmas recipes

It is Christmas again and we return to having to spend hours in the kitchen making that typical Christmas menu which is delicious but is not as simple as it seems in the books of recipes. Or maybe it is? This year you will not have any problem in providing your family and friends a typical Christmas food because we are going to teach you how to prepare the most typical dishes of these dates, in a simple way that you can follow step by step without any problems.

Baked Turkey

One of the most typical dishes that can not miss on your Christmas table, is Turkey. And although this is the typical Thanksgiving dish, it is also a tasty and nutritious food that, the truth is that it is a pity that we can not enjoy other days… To which we have to add the possibility that you have prepared too much Turkey for Thanksgiving, so it has no sense in throwing the food if you can eta it a couple of weeks later.

To prepare this Christmas food it only requires four hours, of which most of that time is what it takes for the Turkey to be baked completely. Therefore, it is not as other dishes that require whole days to prepare, as some ingredients should be prepared the day before so they are ready when you are going to cook them.

How to prepare baked Turkey?

But let’s start with our recipe. The ingredients you will need to prepare this dish are one Turkey of sized according to the guests you are going to have, a head of garlic, salt, half lemon, a carrot, an onion, parsley and 3 ounces of butter.

The first thing is, when you go to buy the Turkey, make sure that they remove the organs, so you will not have to do it yourself… And that is not very pleasant, trust me. Wash the Turkey well and dry well with paper towels so the water will not skip when you are cooking it.

Then make a paste with the garlic, but do not use all the garlic, since you will have to reserve 4 whole cloves. Add to the garlic salt and butter. Then fill the Turkey with the carrot, the onion split by medium, half a lemon, a handful of parsley and a little of the paste of garlic and salt.

You have to pay attention on the cooking times

Next is to close Turkey with oven cord. Cover all the skin of the Turkey with garlic, salt, and butter paste and put the Turkey on a grill in the oven with the breast side down. Under this grill it is very important that you place a tray to collect all the juice.

Cook the Turkey 7 minutes per kilo, starting with the oven to 205 ° C for one hour. After the first hour, cover the Turkey with aluminium foil and lower the temperature to 175° C for 2 hours. And after the third hour low the temperature to 110 ° C for the remaining time. It is very important that you follow the cooking times and temperature, because if not the Turkey will be too dry or not cooked at all.

To verify that this Christmas food is in its point, check the temperature of the Turkey with a cooking thermometer, and not get off the oven until the thermometer reads 76 ° C in the thigh, and 71 ° C in the breast.

Pumpkin cream with paprika

Rich pumpkin cream is another Christmas food that can not miss on your table. On this occasion we offer you a slightly different recipe, since it includes a bit of paprika, but which will give you a very interesting flavour. Pumpkin is one of those foods that tend to be forgotten after Thanksgiving, but that is really good and also healthy, with we do not have to hesitate to also prepare it for Christmas.

The ingredients that we need for this recipe, and that need an hour and a half of preparation, are: a small pumpkin, half a cup of semi-skimmed milk, 2 tablespoons of butter without salt, salt, a teaspoon of paprika (although you can add more if you like the pumpkin spicy), a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg and a quarter cup of cream.

Steps to prepare this Christmas recipe

First wash the pumpkin and cut into pieces of the same size. Remove the seeds and the pulp. Put the pumpkin in a large pot and cover the pumpkin with water. Add abundant salt and let it cook for half hour. When you can pierce easily the pumpkin with a fork, it is ready. Remove it from the fire and drain. If there are still traces of the skin, remove them and let cool slightly before passing it to the blender.

You have to beat it well and add the milk, butter and spices, leaving the cream to the end. When you are beaten thoroughly heat the cream in a saucepan, add more salt or spices to taste, and just before serving this Christmas food add the whipped cream.

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