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Outsourcing SEO? Top Things To Consider!


Once you have decided to outsource your SEO needs to a reliable online marketing company, the next obvious step is to compare different services. In this post, we are sharing tips on the aspects that really matter.

  1. Market standing. You need to know what other clients are saying about a service. Reviews and testimonials do matter. For instance, MediaOne is top ranked SEO agency in Singapore, and the agency will offer client references on request immediately.
  2. Work profile. The number of brands, clients and projects an SEO agency has handled is something to consider. Some experience with brands with a similar profile as yours also matters.
  3. Other services. If the same SEO agency can also handle all kinds of paid marketing work, including social media marketing and PPC, it could be an added advantage. You need to know what the concerned company can do beyond SEO in the long run.

Estimate does matter, but we would like to add here that experience is more critical than anything else. You want a company that’s well-versed with SEO trends and can work around a budget. Don’t shy away from asking questions and evaluate the process they usually follow for SEO!